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4.0.4 play store issue; red notification light issueSupport

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  1. Abbeacon

    Abbeacon New Member

    New to the forum, but after 5months with the vzw galaxy nexus, I've only now encountered 2 major issues that I can't seem to find solutions for.

    1. Installed 4.0.4 ota this weekend with no problems. Actually thought it was a bit smoother and battery life was a little better. Went to update some apps in play and received a 921 error. Read on various forums that could remove cache for play and g framework, and/or remove then re-add google account. Neither worked for me.

    2. Around the same time, I noticed the pulse notification light began to start w constant red illumination, w occasional flickers. When people would call it would change to its normal white flash, but then go back to red. I rebooted, battery/sim pull without resolution. Changed batteries with no resolution. When I put battery in, even without turning on phone, the red light would come on. I livechatted w Samsung last who were less than helpful, saying hey didn't know why the light was on, but to try factory reset. Reset was successful but red light persisted even while phone was resetting. Also play store still doesn't work.

    Any thoughts? Seems temporally related to 4.0.4 upgrade (ie software issue) but bc factory reset didn't help, suggests more of a hardware issue.


  2. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Did the factory reset fix your Google Play issue?

    Also your second problem seems more hardware related than anything.

    Is your device rooted or ROM'd or completely stock?
  3. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    1. I've had a similar error with the Play Store; I was swapping over to a new ROM. Only fix was to wipe data/cache and start over. (I.e., factory reset.)

    2. Betting an app is using the red light as a notification.
  4. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    On that note - do you have LightFlow installed?
  5. Abbeacon

    Abbeacon New Member

    Completely stock, applied the ota upgrade under settings/about/system updates. Play still didn't work after factory reset, and gave me 101 error this time. Still on an older version of play after I did factory reset, so maybe if they push the latest version this might help?

    I agree I'm worried there's a hardware thing as well as a software thing, but surprising to have both occur at the same time.

    No new apps installed recently, not using lightflow, and I notice the red light on even when the phone is powered off; only time it goes off is when battery is pulled, so i dont think its an app. Anybody know if there's a list of what each color stands for on the gnex? I can't find anything on Samsung or vzw site and Samsung tech didn't know.

  6. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    I would call VZW support, and let them know everything you told us. It sounds like you need to make a warranty claim.
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  7. bertsot

    bertsot New Member

    What I did for #1 was to go into Settings-Account & sync. Select the account associated with Google Play. Select menu (three dots). and remove account. I then added the account back and all was back to normal. Hopefully this helps.
  8. JTAC

    JTAC Member

    The flickering red light will eventually turn solid red. I called VZW tech support about this last night. They had no idea what it was. They then did a conference call with a Samsung tech who did in fact say that it was a hardware issue and I would need a new device.
  9. FOXHOUNDsNull

    FOXHOUNDsNull New Member

    I just got my replacement Nexus. And the red notification light turned on instead on after my third charge. But how I fixed it was just plugging it into the charger and moved the charger around till the light stayed off. If you do this and its the same problem the red light will flicker on and off depending on how the charger is plugged in. Hope this helps. ( PS this is just a temporary fix and should be checked after every charge.)

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