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4.0.4 upgrade no voicemail

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  1. stephen1979

    stephen1979 Member

    I was a little impatient and upgraded my NEXUS S from Rogers today, not waiting for the OTA upgrade. I'm loving it so far. My only problem is that I can't figure out how to check my voicemail. The button is gone from the dialler screen. I did a google check and everything referred to 4.0.4 with Google Voice integration. Being from Canada this doesn't help to much.

    Anyone experience this problem? Is there a solution?


  2. CocodaMonkey

    CocodaMonkey Member

    I normally just check my voice mail from the notifications menu (only shows if you have voice mail) so I never noticed this. If you want to get to it otherwise it's always avaliable from the dialer. Just press and hold 1 on the dailer (works on any phone not just android).
  3. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    As mentioned, usually just dialing from the pull down notifications screen works, and pressing the "1" button will dial your voicemail number. Also, you can simply dial your own cell number. Using Voice Dialer you can tell the phone to "call voicemail" or "call messages".

    As a side note, I'm on Rogers and received the OTA update several days ago.
  4. stephen1979

    stephen1979 Member

    Thanks. I see that now. Little embarressed.

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