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  1. TheChief657

    TheChief657 New Member

    I have an S2 that isnt rooted and in the past week or so the battery drain has been terrible, it seems to lose 15-20% an hour with minimal use. I've checked the battery usage and the Android OS is using around 60-70% of this, I've installed BetterBatteryStat and that shows 'l2_hisc' at the top of the Kernel wakelock. I've had the device for around 9 months and upgraded to ICS around 3-4 months ago and have not had an issue before. I've turned off data roaming, packet data and WiFi and removed any new apps that I had installed but still get the severe battery drain . Any ideas what may be causing this?

  2. togger161

    togger161 Well-Known Member

    I had battery drain issues when I upgraded to 4.0.4. One of the things that definitely helped me was signing out of Google+ and stopping the account from syncing. In fact I've stopped most of my accounts from auto syncing, including Facebook and Twitter. I'm quite happy looking at what's going on when I have a chance to sit down for 5 minutes. The only accounts I do have syncing are my Gmail and Whatsapp accounts so people can get hold of me if they need to.

    I'm really pleased with mine now.
  3. TheChief657

    TheChief657 New Member

    Hi. I've checked the sync centre on the phone and its not synching Gmail or any of those accounts. Any other ideas that may be causing the l2_hisc drain?
  4. togger161

    togger161 Well-Known Member

    I believe (and I'm very new to this) that kernel wakelocks are difficult to do anything about. The easiest problems to solve are rogue apps and programs syncing/updating etc.

    In better battery stats, on the top tab, change from OTHER to Partial Wakelocks as these tend to be the ones driven by apps. On my phone Google maps is one of the biggest offenders.

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