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4.1.2 update - messagingGeneral

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  1. opollo

    opollo New Member

    I use 4x3 method of typing and when typing its now a nightmare with the 4.1.2. update. When pretxting I want the word "TV", it now doesnt exist and doesnt allow you to even add the word for future use unless I qwerty type.

    All options have been removed in the prext area but a few, the whole design is horrible and I'm off to the shops tomoz to hopefully put it back to the last update!

    What is this where pretxt options are learn from facebook, learn from gmail, learn from twitter. I dont use Facebook or Twitter. Why have they done this. I now cant message properly at all, messaging now is a nightmare as words I want dont exist!!

  2. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    What keyboard app do you use? The standard stock keyboard?

    It sounds like you may be using swiftkey. Those learn options allow you to have swiftkey read all your posts and messages so it can learn how you type and spell. over time it will be able to predict really well what you will be able to type.
  3. opollo

    opollo New Member

    its still the stock 4x3 keyboard I use, I understand what they want to do, but what have I gotta do go into gmail and write out all the words I want on a email or will it only use the words I use regulary. So that will take time and words I want to use now, will only come available until i type them regulary on emails.

    Why isnt there option to add words its a simple method.
  4. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    I use swiftkey so cant tell you about the stock keyboard but what i suspect it wants to do is what swiftkey does. it scans all your messages and just builds a database of unusual words and typing styles. After a bit as you type if you spell something out it learns it. If it sees a pattern it start offering it as a suggestion. So in other words swiftkey learns automatically. Not sure on the stock keyboard as it is a new one they just added and I have not played with it before. I suspect it works similar. Give it a few days and see if it starts to improve its predicting ability.

    Or download swiftkey :)
  5. opollo

    opollo New Member

    after a few days, I need to type now. I shouldnt have to type nothing into messages and emails or facebook for a year to make it understand that I want to use the word "TV", this is my messaging part of the phone where I communicate with ppl and work, it should be open and easy to use and adjust if need be.

    for now Looks like swiftkey will get a download and I will hope it makes this better, if not then Im still off to the shop to revert it back an update!
  6. opollo

    opollo New Member

    Just tried swiftkey and its no use wot so ever.. Its the way theyve laid out how you type with the predicitive type that is at fault. I understand fully what they are trying to do, but without a "add word" function they have stabbed ppl in the back when they want a word that isnt in its dictionary...

    Example.. What happens if you typed a long word in for say 6 months and it still hadnt remembered it, what then??
  7. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    Guess you are not quite understanding. It adds words automatically. You don't have to add anything. After a bit it sees you use it a lot and it learns it automatically in the background.
  8. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    I use same oldschool keyboard layout and Smart Keyboard is excelent, you can even change multitap screen if youre a fast texter and theres plenty themes
    This is carbon to suit my bezel.
    I dont use prediction but you can set it to smart learn words you use and offers suggestions.
    The free version is fine, it jst nags you every so often

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