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4.2.1 has killed Google Search and Google Now on my Stock TF700T !!Support

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  1. TexasBadger

    TexasBadger Well-Known Member

    Google Search and Google Now both worked fine before the recent update. Now, neither works. A simple search for something like "Margaret Thatcher" spins for 20-30 seconds and then dumps back to the home screen with no results. Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone have any solutions, or workarounds?

    Thanks in advance to everyone that responds.

  2. houtx1

    houtx1 Active Member

    Same here, I am disgusted with Google Now on the Infinity. Way too slow!
  3. TexasBadger

    TexasBadger Well-Known Member

    I ended up reverting Google Search to the original version. At least that works.
  4. Tylorw1

    Tylorw1 Well-Known Member

    It is always possible to try and reflash, but it is a common problem, probably to do with some weird incompatibility but if reverting to the stock that comes with the rom works, I suggest doing that.

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