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  1. philipe

    philipe New Member


    I had the Canadian version of galaxy nexus... Than I changed it to yakju and received ICS 4.1.2 than 4.2

    Since I updated it... I have some issues with notifications and GPS navigation locating position fix...

    Is this happening to anyone else and is there a solution for it??

  2. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    From what I've seen, some apps have a problem with 4.2 that cause problems with GPS. The one I definitely know of, the Weather Channel app messes up GPS locking on your location on 4.2. I'm not certain but I believe Google changed the way apps are supposed to get location info and, if an app doesn't do it the "right way" that it keeps GPS from working.

    Hopefully this is something that will be fixed in 4.2.1 and, until then, check and disable apps that use the GPS to get your location.
  3. GPSJoe

    GPSJoe Active Member

  4. philipe

    philipe New Member

    Hello.... So after many trials... I decided to reset to factory settings which helped in getting the native android navigation to connect....

    I believe other apps were also conflicting with it and removing some helped.

  5. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    Having similar issues after I got the 4.2.1 OTA...
    GPS refuses to lock and it's always "searching"

    I really don't want to wipe.... :(

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