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  1. ottavio

    ottavio Active Member

    I am growing frustrated with the stock video player on my Player 4.2. The quality is not very good and it seems to stutter even when not streaming. Would another video player make any difference? Or has it to do with codecs?

    I have tried VLC beta but I am not happy. I would also like to play Youtube videos on a different player. Any suggestions appreciated.

  2. marcelf

    marcelf Well-Known Member

    easy one.
    mx player from android market, plays most formats with great onscreen controls

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  3. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    The play store is full of video players and many of use use something other than stock which we'll swear is the best.
    My suggestion is to try the free ones until you find one that meets your needs since that's something that varies widely.

    As far as Youtube, I don't use anything for youtube other than youtube so I got nothing to add there.
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  4. ottavio

    ottavio Active Member

    Thanks. I've installed MX player but I can't get to play embedded videos automatically. For example these two sites:

    Uitzending Gemist

    DeRedactie videozone

    I click on any videos, they will automatically open in the stock video player. Is there a way to open them in MX player or any other app?


    EDIT: I was able to open the second link in MX player but not the first, nor could I open Youtube videos. I have also tried hardware acceleration but the quality is still poor, so the problem is at the source.

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