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  1. dgrobe2112

    dgrobe2112 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I dont have ATT, but mine says HTC software update.. its the bottom most bar..

    Sikclown, i did remove, and redid my blue tooth on both my apartment, and my car.. and it fixed.the bluetooth notification.

  2. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    They say if it's not broke don't fix it. Then again 4.3 does bring a nice speed boost and better battery life. Of course the decision is up to you, but I'd personally recommend the update. 4.1 is 2 versions old and 4.4 is expected out next month. Being 3 android versions behind on a flagship phone just seems like a waste to me.
  3. ironman187

    ironman187 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the signal bars are a more realistic representation of the actual signal strength, now if only they had done that with the battery icon...
  4. matt.raffel

    matt.raffel New Member

    I'm seeing this same problem.

    I am also seeing this annoying problem: user picture in messages is showing the default grey icon rather than the user picture.
  5. rolanddave94

    rolanddave94 Member

    I have an AT&T branded HTC One and it's unlocked and i'm on Smart network (Philippines). How come I haven't received the 4.3 update on my phone? Will I ever get the update or not because it's unlocked or because im in a different network/country?
    I've checked in the setting at At&T Software update and About phone>Software update also, no dice. It says its up to date and for the AT&T Software update option, it just says checking for updates and disappears.
  6. dgrobe2112

    dgrobe2112 Well-Known Member Contributor

    my handcent issue that i had before, i chatted with handcent, and they had me uninstall, and clear app cache, and reinstall the software.

    that seems to have fixed the issue.
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  7. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Yup the contact picture missing annoys me to no end. It seems to happen less when I am on 3g or 4g. I have opened a support ticket with HTC about as have several other but please do so as well. I bet if we annoy them enough they will fix it.

    UPDATE: FYI I just received this email from HTC regarding the Contact Photo issue

    "[FONT=&quot]thanks to the information you have sent to me. Now that we have all the necessary information, we will go ahead and escalate this issue so it can be review internally by our escalation department and a solution can be provided to you as soon as possible. I would once again like to apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience in regards this matter."

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  8. Oc1paddler

    Oc1paddler Member

    I did the update yesterday, and the only issue I am noticing so far is that my white noise app is not functioning smoothly any more. I use the App "Relax and Sleep" whenever nearby noise is preventing me from sleeping - the worst of which is my husband's snoring which is loud, goes right through earplugs, consistently changing in volume and resonating frequency, and is unaffected by having him sleep on his side. Last night the sound on my App started cutting out every 5-10 seconds. Although it literally only lasts a fraction of a second it happens with enough frequency to be annoying and defeats the purpose of helping me fall asleep. Note - the app does not use a data connection to work, so wi-fi/data signal is not the issue - in fact, I just tested Slacker Radio and it is not experiencing the same problem.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues with any sound-oriented apps.

    Is there anything else I should try before uninstalling and re-installing the app (and losing my saved settings in the app.) (I should probably mention here that I am not very computer savy, and a close friend and computer guru advises me against force-closing apps. He says that the android operating system is good at managing power by closing apps that need to be closed and that force closing apps can lead to bigger phone issues.) If that doesn't work, I'll probably try the factory reset, but looking at the other posts here, it looks like that won't return me to an earlier software version. Although someone said the next version is due in a month, we'll be lucky to get that update before sometime next spring.
  9. nomunk

    nomunk Well-Known Member

    thanks for responding, sorry for late reply, was on vacation, anyway yes I did a PRL and Profile update immediately after the 4.3 update.

    I havent did the factory reset yet because im having so much trouble finding a way to save my contacts, I tried using Google but it so confusing, my problem im having with Google is, for some reason Google only saves 26 random contacts instead of all of them, is there some setting in my phone I need to adjust? Or is there a setting in Google I need to change to make all my contacts export to google?

    Or is there any other alternatives to saving my contacts so I can perform a factory reset?
  10. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    If I had to guess, you have all your contacts set as Phone rather than Google except for the 26 that are being saved to Google. It has been so long since I have had my contacts anywhere but Google so I will have to take a refresher on the best way to get them all over to google.
  11. starchile

    starchile Member

    I'm with Sprint

    Updated a few days ago and immediately noticed that I only get 1 bar in places where I used to have full signal. It's so bad that I can barely use my phone for calls. :(

    Additionally, my internet is very slow now. These are all things that I've noticed since the upgrade.

    I don't need too much fancy stuff...I just need to be able to make calls and use the internet when I need to.

  12. Adar

    Adar Well-Known Member

    Just to make sure, are you actually dropping calls? One of the things people have noticed is that the BARS are showing lower than before the update, but that the ACTUAL signal hasn't changed. Just how it displays it.

    If you are at a place that you used to have strong signal, but now don't, go to Settings, then About, then Network. What does it say your signal strength is? There are also apps which give much better reports of the actual signal, but this is already part of your phone. Someone else can probably give you better instructions.
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  13. askhek

    askhek Member

    have you ever tried novalauncher? within that launcher you are able to download customize-able lock screens, you are able to re-size your widgets, change how many rows and columns are on your pages and add more pages.
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  14. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    I already use Nova Prime, and actually have actions like blinkfeed tied to an icon so I can still access the app. I am just reporting the issues with the new software.
  15. Shazamy

    Shazamy Member

    Hello everyone, I have an unlocked (Global) HTC One and recently updated it to 4.3. I don't use the calendar at all but last night a notification for Columbus day came on in my lock screen and I can't get rid of it. I looked through all the settings and turned off notification of all kinds! But the damn thing is still there.
    Any ideas on how I can get rid of these calendar notifications?
    Thanks in advance!
  16. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Because this is the stock ROM. We're not talking about installing a custom ROM on a rooted phone, but an over the air update to an unrooted one.

    An RUU is a ROM Upgrade Utility, so you can't use it to revert to an earlier version (at least not on an unmodified phone). Which is why a service centre is the remaining option if a factory reset didn't fix it.
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  17. nynvolt

    nynvolt Well-Known Member

    I had some really annoying issues after the update. WiFi not hooking up was the worse. I did a factory reset and everything is good again. I generally expect to have to do a reset after an os update anyway.

    So if you're having issues, back up your music/photos/etc and try a reset.
  18. AHWagner

    AHWagner Well-Known Member

    When I get time, I'm going to do a Factory Reset. Problems I have are just like the ones mentioned above:

    -Missing contact photos in Messages app.
    -WiFi not working, consistantly reconnecting and/or losing signal.
    -Slow Messages app.
    -Battery draining faster.

    I just have to find the time to do the reset. :(
  19. mattpex

    mattpex Member

    Before updating to 4.3, all of my calendar events, gmail, text all showed on the productivity lock screen. Now all that is displayed are the text messages. I have checked all the settings on the productivity lock screen to display the 3 (why not all 4 HTC) and they just don't work. I had no problems on 4.1.2. Stock AT&T HTC One btw
  20. TheXChuChu

    TheXChuChu New Member

    I have an HTC one and I have some problems with it yet again.
    First, the camera is very blurry. Doesn't focus after maybe 6 inches. Also I cannot update this phone to android 4.3 for some reason. I have an att phone with a t-mobile sim, is that a problem?
    Any help? I am going to try and go to a att store and see if they can repair the camera if i can't.
  21. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    update to 4.3 first before you do anything.

    how long have you had this phone? i ASSume you are not rooted?

    have you always had issue with the camera?

    smoke over the camera discussion on this page:


    see if your concerns about the camera are discussed there.

    You may have to do a factory reset. ATT store will also do this as a last (or maybe first) resort, so why not do it on your own.
  22. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    But the CID will be ATT.

    I don't know how this network customisation thing works because I always buy unlocked handsets. But I do know that I get updates (if I'm running stock) when they are released by HTC for my region, not when the network I'm using releases them. Hence I'd assume that the CID is more important than the current network.
  23. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    No AT&T can't push the update through T-Mobile network
    The sim he's using determine if you get the update
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  24. Sindarin001

    Sindarin001 New Member

    Hey everyone thanks in advance for any and all help.

    When I listen to the FM Radio, Bluetooth Share will randomly crash, whether it be after 30 seconds or 1.5 hours, it will crash guaranteed. I can only then start listening to the radio again after I reboot the phone.

    I have tried resetting the phone, disabling bluetooth, googling... Nothing really comes up!!!

    The error message that comes up is

    Bluetooth Share has stopped unexpectedly. Would you like to send a error report to HTC? This will help us improve our products"

    The info from the error report

    Report Type -> Crash
    Package Name -> com.android.bluetooth
    Package Version -> 602000645
    Package Version Name -> 5.1.2318402053.661089.626214
    Installed By -> com.htc.feedback
    Process Name -> com.android.bluetooth
    Time -> Tuesday, October 22, 2013
    Up Time -> 0:49:00
    Awake Time -> 0:25:10
    System App -> True
    Device -> m7
    Build ID -> JSS15J
    Build Type -> User
    Model -> HTC One
    Product -> bm
    SDK Version -> 18
    Release -> 4.3
    Incremental Version -> 253426.1
    Brand -> htc
    Exception Class Name -> Native Crash
    Source File -> Unknown
    Source Class -> Unknown
    Source Method -> Unknown
    Line Number -> 0

    Does anyone have any ideas on what is wrong?

    Android 4.3
    HTC Sense 5.0
    Software Number 3.23.666.1
    HTC SDK API level 5.45
  25. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    send this info directly to HTC.

    this thread is used for bug/issues with 4.3.

    not many people use the fm radio which is why this may be a rare issue and not seen on other forums.

    there are 3rd party fm apps in the market, have you tried other apps?

    did you disable BT and test with BT not running?

    what other troubleshooting steps have you attempted?

    you were using the fm app prior to 4.3 correct? did you have any issues prior?

    how long have you had this device? did you purchase new?
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