4.4.4 won't installSupport

  1. camphill

    camphill Well-Known Member

    I click "Install Now", it reboots, says "installing system update", the little android falls overs on his side and says "error" and eventually restarts with a failed message..."sorry there was a problem updating your Samsung..."

    Any ideas?

    <edit> Tried using Samsung KIES and it doesn't see that a new firmware is available. ?.

  2. AMOCO

    AMOCO The Computer Dude Guide

    You could try a factory reset,And then see if it will update.
    I know doing a factory reset is a pain,But it does fix issues like this.
  3. camphill

    camphill Well-Known Member

    I just did a factory reset a week ago after the last update, a month ago, was killing the battery. I hate factory resets. It takes half a day to get everything back the way you want it.
  4. AMOCO

    AMOCO The Computer Dude Guide

    I know,It takes me quite a while to get mine reset up after a factory reset.
  5. tarponbeach

    tarponbeach Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue with 4.4.4

    I took the phone back to BestBuy and they advised that they are seeing a lot of failures installing the 4.4.4 update. They connected my S5 to a Samsung laptop and re-flashed the factory firmware. After that, 4.4.4 updated with no problem.

    As an aside, my native Samsung camera app never worked ("Unfortunately, Camera has Stopped"). After the re-flash at Best Buy, the native camera app works fine...It wasn't the camera, as third party camera apps worked fine from day 1.

    The Best Buy tech blamed it on Verizon's Knox, but who knows?
  6. acraftylady

    acraftylady Well-Known Member

    That is why I loved my LG phone as it would back up settings and all to a file on the memory card so if I had to factory reset I would just load that file and everything would be just how I had set it up. I really miss that with this phone. Mary
  7. camphill

    camphill Well-Known Member

    Went to BestBuy. The Samsung guy pushed 4.4.2 to the phone, which took 5 minutes. We then let the OTA download/install with no errors.

    I'd like to know what software he used because it only took 5 minutes and none of my apps needed re-installed/configured. He said only Samsung has access to the software.
  8. Drunder40

    Drunder40 Well-Known Member

    What amazes me here in the year of 2014 is there is not an option to take a snapshot of your phones current working config and save it as an image. Then when you have to (or want to) reload (reset) you can just go to the "backup and restore" option, select the saved image and restore that one with all your apps/settings in working order. Kinda like a restore point in Windows XP/7.

    You obviously should still have the option to restore the factory firmware based on the latest accepted OTA udpate.

    Why the frig is this not a standard function of smartphones today?

    EDIT: I should have read the whole thread as I see above apparently the LG phone Mary had had such a function.. Now if Samsung could get rolling on this (and others), things would be so much easier and less frustrating.
  9. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member


    I am thoroughly pissed at the lack of adequate imaging tools for Android. It is totally inexcusable.

    I have been imaging PCs for two decades now, and recovering mine and other people's corrupted hard drives, or new hard drives to the saved image version.

    As of now, to my knowledge, the following is how I best know to restore my phone.

    Verizon stock, with the 1st update and still 4.4.2.
    I refuse to allow 4.4.4 update until I am convinced it is not buggy... to many complaints with it right now.

    My "restore option" and it is not a cloned result, it just gets me going again faster than a manual rebuild.

    * Nova Launcher steps to restore your phone

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