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4.4 app drawerSupport

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  1. camel_chops

    camel_chops Active Member

    Before I updated my S4 to 4.4 I had customised my app drawer. I had hidden numerous apps that I don't use regularly and put my most used apps into folders.
    Since updating, I can't find an option to show the hidden apps any more. The apps are still installed because I can see them in my app manager, through settings. Is there a way around this problem without rooting?

  2. Smpwojcik

    Smpwojcik Member

    Howdy. Shot in the dark here. Try going to your installed app list in the setting menu, disable the apps that you can't find, and then enable them again. If that doesn't work, only other thing I can think of is a factory reset, sorry. :(
    Hope a Factory reset isn't required.
  3. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    I believe that option was removed in 4.4, though it's still available with third-party launchers (I like Apex Pro). Go into Settings > Manage apps, scroll down to TouchWiz Home, Clear cache and data, and then reboot. All apps should be back in the drawer, though they will be gone from your homescreen. Write down or take screenshots of your screens so you can put things back the way they were.
  4. Yes it was removed. A friend of mine had updated his, and he lost that feature.

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