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400-022 text??Support

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  1. odd_one33

    odd_one33 Active Member

    i have a motorola electrify- i go thru us cellular... i have recieved this message twice from 400-022 and i tried sending stop cancel quit but it wouldnt send them... i got this text with a bunch of numbers and letters saying to sync what is this...??????????????????????

  2. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    My fiancee and I both have experienced this mysterious message. She, on her Samsung Galaxy S (i500) and I, on my Electrify. Considering the difference in manufacturers, it must be USCC-related.

    Any explanations on this would be grealy appreciated!
  3. badgett

    badgett Member

    Tell US Cellular you want premium messaging disabled. I had this problem and it ended up costing me $9.99 per message. That's when they told me they could disable it. It does not effect your regular texting.

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