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4G, 3G no-G only E? skyrocketSupport

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  1. Sunny99

    Sunny99 New Member

    so i just got this Skyrocket.. Love the phone.. absolutly. but have a question
    I got it from a mobile store that sells used phones and boost and pagers plus...
    it is an AT&T phone.. been unlocked.. but i'm with Simple Mobile.
    So I dont know how to keep the 3G or 4G on all the time.. most of the times I only see the E withthe 2 little arrows under it..
    Is there a place I can go to have that set up-turned on ?

    any help would be greatly apprciated.. thanks

  2. miclo

    miclo New Member

    you have to switch to a different providor simple mobile doesnt support that phone ive tried it, i suggest going to straigh talk

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