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  1. androidhood

    androidhood Well-Known Member

    according to metropcs i wasted my 5gb in 12 days which i didn't do (metro pcs service is terrible) so i waited till next month for my 4g to come back and yet my 4g hasn't come back and i waited another month it still haven't come back yet!
    normally i have 3mb download speed now i have 0.10mb download speed metropcs put me on 1x for 2months and stole my money right out my pocket (shaking my head) did this is happen to anyone? my 4g logo is still showing
    today imma go to the metro store and reactive my phone since i have no other choice i'm desperate out my mind my hauwei acsend goes faster than my galaxy attain when it comes to loading pages and youtube ahhhhh just terrible

    *sorry if i had bad grammar i have work in a few minutes*

  2. androidhood

    androidhood Well-Known Member

    ive have fix the problem ! everbody
  3. bonez2369

    bonez2369 Member

    How did u do it??
  4. Woxx17

    Woxx17 Active Member

    Usually, 4g data does not reset untill after 48 hours. If the problem persists then I recommend calling Metro Tech support.

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