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  1. Ninjalootah

    Ninjalootah Well-Known Member

    My 4g icon still lingers when my wifi is turned on. I've gone so far as to factory reseting my phone and it still happens.

  2. haflanagan

    haflanagan New Member

    I'm having the same problem ever since I updated my phone a few days ago. Very annoying, since it makes me paranoid that I'm using data when I intend to be on wifi, and it is also taking up room in my notification bar, there is so much stuff up there that I can't even see my actual notifications anymore.


    If you are worried about your phone using 4G, then you can turn off you mobile data:

    Settings > Wireless & Network Settings > Mobile Networks > Uncheck "Data Enabled"
    Just be sure to turn it back on when you need it


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