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  1. aciulladev

    aciulladev Well-Known Member Contributor

    I was looking through the user manual and when it would show the phone on 4g, it would have a 4glte sign which looked cooler. How do i make it get that icon?

  2. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    If you're on 4G. It simply says 4G in a teal like color.
  3. Diego1593

    Diego1593 Well-Known Member

    You should find the 4G icon in
    System/app/systemui.apk extract the file look for drawble mdpi or hdpi and look for the 4G icon it should be their
  4. aciulladev

    aciulladev Well-Known Member Contributor

    well how do I change it to the ATT version of the 4g icon. Is there like a tutorial or something, because I do not like the default one.
  5. Diego1593

    Diego1593 Well-Known Member

    Try to look for mdpi icon but i already try looking for one and no luck... you have to make it your own
  6. aciulladev

    aciulladev Well-Known Member Contributor

    i did it by changing the target operator in build.prop from MPCS to ATT and it changed it :)
  7. Diego1593

    Diego1593 Well-Known Member

    Can you tell us the line?
  8. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Well-Known Member

    Just use ROM toolbox pro, it has a search function in the build.prop menu.
    Nice find, minor issue is that after modifying the line it show metro pcs on the left side of my status bar.
    (Edit) make sure to change the line back to stock if a new update appears. I just tried using software update as a test and it states that my device is not registered.

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