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4G in the HOUSE! MY House but OH MY..MY BATTERY!General

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  1. ProxisTech

    ProxisTech Well-Known Member

    So I live in lower Fairfield County in CT along the I-95 corridor. It seems yesterday Verizon flipped a switch and the whole area, including my house, has 4G! Siked..all the way down the Merrit parkway into Westchester BUT...Its kicking my battery's BUTT! I hope they come up with an update to help this. At least on the EVO you can turn 4G off. I use WiFi in my house but the phone still needs cellular service. I am happyt but my battery is NOT!

  2. garnto

    garnto Well-Known Member

    just turn data off when using wifi
  3. robrecht

    robrecht Well-Known Member

    And when you're not at home using WiFi, use 4G only mode. I get over 12 hours of normal use this way. 4G when I'm at work and WiFi at home. But if I use my phone heavily, I have a couple of back-up batteries just in case.
  4. Ibrick

    Ibrick Well-Known Member

    Root it and run a custom ROM..

    Perfect Storm has a radio option to turn 4G on and off.

    Not that it matters much for me since I dont have 4G yet.. :(

    Soon enough though, on the first round of cities for 2011.
  5. HTCTundaBow

    HTCTundaBow Well-Known Member

    You took my 4G! :madface:

    I usually have 4G throughout my whole house, but today, only 3g :(
  6. redwings1914

    redwings1914 New Member

    I am going to the Red Wings game tomorrow night, so I'm going to be in Detroit for about 7 hours (currently go to WMU in Kalamazoo) I'm curious to see what 4G does to my battery. I get usually 12 hours of usage normally on 3G (screen on for about 3 hours, 100s of texts, about 20 minutes in voice calls, words with friends about 4 whole games a day) so I'm anxious to see what happens.

    oh and GOOOOOO WINGS!!!!!
  7. bamaredwingsfan

    bamaredwingsfan Well-Known Member

  8. Romikemi

    Romikemi Well-Known Member

    LTEOnOff in the market, Phone Info in the market, or enter the digits directly into the dialer to get to the function that forces down to 3g in a 4g area.

    Root not required.

    BTW, turning wifi on shuts mobile carrier data off automatically. (Excluding when wifi is on due to using the Hotspot app, of course.)

    BTW, car dock? Charger? Bluetooth? You're commuting the Merritt one handed? Tsk, tsk.
  9. jackdubl

    jackdubl Well-Known Member

    Get LTEOnOff app.
  10. ProxisTech

    ProxisTech Well-Known Member

    Update. Dont have any problem with 4G draining anymore. Maybe its because I've tweaked my power setting a little more and Bump charged my battery. The bump charging has been amazing. Especially after the first one, it seems like it "made more room" in my battery. Maybe because like all little kids I didn't charge it long enough when I first got it? When the regular size 1800's come out I am going to follow the instructions and do a FULL charge before using it. I never realized how important this actually might be, and I'm in I.T. too. I'm also an impatient a$$hole.
  11. konman

    konman Well-Known Member

    Which rom r u using?
  12. Ibrick

    Ibrick Well-Known Member

    Perfect Storm v 1.2 by Chingy51o, w/ Adrynalyne's 4.4.2 kernel.

    All can be found on the 'everything root' subforum.

    Or you can run a ROM of your choosing, BAMF is another good one. Or download 'LTE off' from the market and skip rooting altogether. But what's the fun in that? ;)

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