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4G in Toledo Ohio.

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  1. ceredics

    ceredics Well-Known Member

    My name is Chris and I live in Toledo Ohio. I've been here all my life and on sprint with my Evo 4g. I've been driving all over town searching for exact where there is 4g and so far I've gotten only Monroe and Detroit's area. Only that intersection has it. I've gotten. Speeds up to 5mb but that'd all. Close to 6 in rare cases. I just want to know is it Detroit 4gthat I'm getting or is it Toledo's? Is there anyone else here that's as knowledgeable as I am? Any idea when we will get the roll out? Sprint says spring but for some reason I believe it will be limited to only that area. Heard rumors that downtown Toledo has it and I tested it but got 1mb is all. Everywhere downtown that's all I got. I'm so anxious and curious that its killing me . Any help. nd advice is appreciated. Feel free to reply with all knowledge of this about the towers an antenna services. Also, I've looked for nearby clearwire technology but I've found nothing so far. Used sensorly and tested all areas but never got much.

  2. Umm, no, you are not getting 4g from Detroit that's 70 miles away.

    There is a 4g tower on the corner of Monroe St and Detroit Ave. I have gotten 4g to work close to downtown from this tower as well, but like you have noticed, it doesnt go far. Seems like they are just testing it right now.

    And FYI, you can see the coverage map at clear.com. Just be aware, their map shows the signal going about 4-5 miles from that tower in each direction, however I haven't gotten anywhere near a half mile out of it.
  3. ceredics

    ceredics Well-Known Member

    Yes I have been getting it very unstable though. I knew it shouldn't have been from so far but I was just wondering the possibility of it bouncing from there tower. Hopefully the speeds get better and radius is better. What do you think? Roll out date? By the way, thanks for the reply. I heard testing is months of work, true?

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