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4G-Live In Terre Haute,IN

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  1. BrianJB

    BrianJB Well-Known Member

    I wasn't sure if I should've posted this in a sub-forum (so mod's please feel free to move).

    But I downloaded the app "got clear" from clearwire and it showed that 4g was live in Terre Haute,Indiana. The sprint site did not show it as being live. While the signal was not the best, I was able to get a connection to 4g in the parking lot at my work.

    I ran a quick speed test, it wasnt very fast. But I got the following speeds;

    Download: 1103 kbps
    Upload: 484 kbps

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  2. Pioneer74

    Pioneer74 Well-Known Member

    I didn't know that app existed. I downloaded it and found out that there is limited 4G in Toledo which is just south of me. Next time I am down there I will have to check it out.
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  3. BrianJB

    BrianJB Well-Known Member

    Yeah definetly check it out and let me know your results. The only thing is that you cannot get a signal at all unless you are outside. Plus I just happened to find a "sweet spot" in the parking lot. I would walk ten feet, have no 4g signal, walk another 5 feet and have a signal. Obviously its not completed, but its nice to see even with sprint & tmobile maybe merging, and with clearwire close to bankruptcy that they are still invested in getting 4g to their customers.
  4. Weak signal...they will put more towers up if they are starting to roll it out over there. When they first started in my area I had to go outside for it also, and then bam, it was everywhere. It took a month or two. I get 10mbps +-...Uses a lot of battery though, so I run WiFi at home when I need to download some music. 3G here is in the 2mbps range, so it's plenty quick by itself considering the size of apps.
  5. BrianJB

    BrianJB Well-Known Member

    I did get better coverage by honey creek mall. I had 2 bars of 4g, my download speeds were around 3500kbps'.

    But I still had to be outside, and holding the phone at a high angle. Hopefully sprint/clear is still working on coverage. I just get worried having just seen that the president of clear just stepped down.
  6. BrianJB

    BrianJB Well-Known Member

    Little update about this, I went into a sprint store and asked a rep about 4g being official launched here, she told me that within 2 months it would be up and running. That was 9 months ago.

    I also found out that the little bit of a 4g signal I was getting was part of the ISU campus wimax that sprint put out, just for the college. So I highly doubt this area will ever get true wimax coverage.

    But since sprint has start doing their "tower upgrades" my 3g speed has gotten better, I went from barely .10-.30mbps to closer to around 1mbps, I know it isn't even close to other carriers, but at least they are trying.

    It is getting harder and harder for me to stay with sprint though. Verizon launched 4g in Terre Haute, my work has 4g cards. It is just a fast as my home cable internet service.
  7. DtroitPunk72

    DtroitPunk72 Member

    Still waiting for 4G in Central Indiana! Anyone have any updates on when to expect it?
  8. BrianJB

    BrianJB Well-Known Member

    Well I have heard that you *can* get a 4g signal around Indy, but its spotty at best. And everything else i've heard is that sprint is done with wimax and are moving forward with LTE, so you're best bet is to either wait until you can upgrade your phone and get a galaxy nexus (or other sprint phone with LTE) or jump ship for verizon because they have most of indiana covered with 4g service, and its super fast.

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