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  1. Dnewman20

    Dnewman20 New Member

    I have noticed that there is now a 4g version of this phone available on some ads. Previously AT&t seemed to only offer the skyrocket as their Galaxy S2 option. Is this correct? Is there now a Galaxy S2 that is identical to the 3G version available in 4g?

  2. aylonewolf69

    aylonewolf69 Well-Known Member

    AT&T has two current models of Samsung Galaxy S2:

    Samsung Galaxy SII - SGH-I777
    Samsung Galaxy SII (Skyrocket / LTE) - SGH-I727

    The I777 - Was released two days ahead of Apple's iphone 4S announcement on October 2nd, and Skyrocket was released on November 6th as one of two availabile LTE handsets to work on AT&T fledging LTE network, the OTHER handset being the HTC Vivid. I say *fledging* LTE market because there are only a small handful of metropolitan areas now that have LTE coverage. Major Metro areas like SF, LA, NY have been LEFT off the map for now and are not expected to get LTE until later in 2012. There is no 3rd phone that I'm aware of?

    Why is all this information relevant? Because AT&T did not release the BEST LTE handsets available for their new netwrok, the HTC Vidid is nice but pales in comparison to the hardware specs of the Samsung and there is NOT a huge developer support for this model so unless you are willing to run your phone a pure vanilla STOCK without ROOTING, you will be sadly out of luck on the HTC. The Skyrocket on the other hand is a VARIANT of the massively successful international I9100.

    Pros -
    LTE - If you happen to live in one of the LTE areas then the Skyrocket or the Vivid will be screaming FAST!!!! :) Very VERY envious...

    Large Screen - Same resolution but bigger sreen means graphics are less crisp
    Power - Huge battery drain, indeed on the LTE forums there are quite a few already complaining about battery life
    Development - Because it's a variant it suffers from the same HTC fate, lack of development, maybe less so because it's a variant but
    Big size - Personal preference, I prefer the slimmer I777 size over the thicker I727
    CPU - Not a EXYNOS processor, this is the FLAGSHIP top of the line Samsung processor found on the I777 but is not on the I727.

    But unfortunately, that's about it, it's the ONLY one thing (IMHO) that it has over the I777... As you can see, I prefer thie I777 over the I727 but did you really expect anything different as you posted to an I777 forum??!? :)

    All kidding aside, please base everything you've read here with a grain of salt as one person's *OPINION* about the Skyrocket vs. the Galaxy SII (I-777), do some more research and if *POSSIBLE* please check out both phone simultaneously and decide which is the better of the two phones. No one will be a better judge than your own eyes and hands as they test out both phones... :)
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  3. Dnewman20

    Dnewman20 New Member

    aylonewolf69, Thanks for your wonderful reply. I am also partial to I777 for its more intriguing processor and it's size. I don't think I will like a fat phone. If I am not mistaken the specs looks very similar to the Nexus Prime on Verizon. Once it has Ice Cream Sandwich, it could be the same phone if there was a way to turn on the Near Field Communication that seems already build into the I777. Please correct my assumptions if I am off base here. I am very into getting this phone. The reason I am hesitant of going for the Nexus Prime is because I would like the option of popping out the sim card and going over seas or using it later in life without a data plan. Does any of this logic make sense or am I just being goofy?

    Thanks again for your reply.
  4. aylonewolf69

    aylonewolf69 Well-Known Member

    Glad you liked my REPLY! :) Couple of things:

    Nexus Prime - IMHO is a step backwards in hardware, again ***IMHO*** 5mp main camera?!!??!? Really, Samsung what were you thinking?!?? I was hoping for Galaxy SII Nexus Prime with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) but 5mp camera, Snapdragon CPU instead of Exynos really not the *BEST* of the best...

    Going overseas with the unit... Three or Four weeks ago when I first got the phone, there was a chap here, or on XDA forum that kept going back and forth about taking the AT&T overseas but not being able to change carriers... Sure, you can switch the SIM cards and make calls with it, BUT, you're ***LOCKED*** to the carrier that AT&T prefers. For instance if you go to another country let's say HK, then you can use the SIM cards there however, if you LEAVE HK and go into Mainland China you may be presented with a choice of *different* carriers other than the MAIN one from HK some will charge ROAMING fees while others are part of the plan... IT is here that AT&T has locked down the RADIO, on unlocked phones you should be able to *PICK* which radio/carrier you use outside the main city but with the LOCKED phone you will not be able to choose and it *MAY* connect you to the carrier with the ROAMING charges because of AT&T *alliance* even though there is CHEAPER/BETTER service without ROAMING charges... From what I READ, the I777 was locked and choice of carrier/radio was not unlockable...

    Overseas and AT&T I777 not such a good combination... So, if this is your primary goal, I would strongly suggest you go with the Internation version of the phone the i9100 instead of AT&T I777...

    Good Luck!!!
  5. mouse07410

    mouse07410 Member

    Is there any way to check if your Galaxy S2 Skyrocket is (a) network-locked, and (b) radio-locked?

    I tried to dial *#7465625# I get an error message in response: Error in process com.android.phone. Try again later.
  6. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    I agree with you on the Nexus. I tried one and the 5mp camera and lack of a SD card killed it for me. It is also just a bit bigger phone than I want to carry. The SG2 is just right and I hope the Samsung does not screw it up and keeps the same format for the SG3.

    I was also not that crazy about ICS but will reserve that choice for when I get the SG3. I would not update the SG2 with ICS right off the bat, if ever!

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