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  1. lexvdub1

    lexvdub1 Member

    For people who already own this phone, can you guys please run a speed test outside and post the results, that would be very helpful.

    I know it varies but I would like an idea of how fast Metro 4G is?

  2. I'm getting 5.3mbps down in flroida.
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  3. lexvdub1

    lexvdub1 Member

    Hey what's up Mike, those are great number for metro.

    Did you read my post, I got my money back from LG and they let me keep the phone.

    I've checked in stores and I've yet to see the phone on sale, did you buy it online or at your local store.
  4. yeah I got a full refund for my LG as well, but they didnt let me keep it, How did you manage that?

    Got Indulge at a local store, put a $100 deposit and they held it for me when they got their shipment on Thursday (only 6 phones for that store, some got none).

    you can order online with free 2 day shipping.
  5. ickster

    ickster Well-Known Member

    I got mine. It's awesome!
    If someone can clue me in on what's needed, I'll be more than happy to post a speed test.
  6. ickster

    ickster Well-Known Member

    Downloaded a speedtest app It tells me I'm getting 1333 kbps dl and 1437 ul.
    That's here in the dfw market.
  7. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    I'm getting around 1.3M up and down on it
  8. i have tried it out in different areas and depending on the place it can be anywhere from 1MB up to 5.4MB.

    and it strange because doing the same test in the same location always give a different result.
  9. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    Not strange because CDMA uses the transmission of 3 towers simultaneously. Meaning perhaps you didn't have all 3 towers at once, and only had 1 or 2. That would easily effect your speed in the same spot.
  10. but the 4G is GSM(LTE) not CDMA. dunno if it does the same
  11. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    No LTE is not just GSM its UMTS/4GSM. Which is wierd considering metro is cdma. Again here's a straight definition:

    "Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a channel access method used by various radio communication technologies. Soft handoffs allow the mobile telephone to communicate simultaneously with two or more cells. The best signal quality is selected until the handoff is complete. This is different from hard handoffs utilized in other cellular systems. In a hard handoff situation, as the mobile telephone approaches a handoff, signal strength may vary abruptly. In contrast, CDMA systems use the soft handoff, which is undetectable and provides a more reliable and higher quality signal."

    AKA cells meaning cell towers. So i'm not really sure how the heck metro is using both, i just know they installed LTE servers on the same area as there cell sites, and process the data with those racks. So back to what I was saying about using multiple towers. Even though LTE is GSM style, the phone I think still transmits in CDMA from the cell phone point of view. I think the LTE part is when it hits the tower side, which then relays back to the phone with LTE, thus needing an LTE chip to receive and decrypt it.
  12. rooob

    rooob Well-Known Member

    hey guys, im in LA and i only have 2.3 of speed....what is the 4g real speed? around 20?
  13. 4G speeds are casified 100MB to 1GB.

    what the current carriers are calling 4G is not really 4G, they call it 4G because its faster than 3G speeds.

    The Galaxy indulge is capable of 21MB but speeds will all depend on the cell tower your connected to and speed limits that Metro puts in place.
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  14. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    Yeah, so as its been said before 4G as of right now "is just a sales slogan". If we were really running LTE we'd be screaming fast.
  15. When you see them start saying they have "LTE Advanced" then that will be true 4G. And at that time the speeds ill be faster than your homes cable internet. I can see people dropping DSL/Cable service and just picking up a wireless internet service.

    "LTE Advanced" is said to have a peak speed of 3.3Gbit. :eek:

    supposedly the move from LTE to LTE-Advanced is not supposed to be a big move and is most likely just software upgrades on the LTE cell towers.
  16. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    yeah. that's why some call HSPA+ "3.5G" (as oposed to "3G" for HSPA and "4G" for LTE) :)
  17. GMChaos121

    GMChaos121 Member

    I'm doing two tests in the same place. Saugus, Mass. For some reason it says Dallas, TX is closest server to me but thats a lie.

    Test one - DL 1216 kbps, UL 1378kbps
    Test 2 (3 minutes later) - DL 531 kbps, UL 1270 kbps

    It was pretty awkward how much it jumped. I literally turned on the LTE then downloaded speed test and ran it for the first number. I came here to write it and ran the second test and it was slow as hell after.
  18. the download speeds seem to fluctuate a lot depending on where you are.
  19. nps531

    nps531 Well-Known Member

    when on 4g i get 1.8mbps up and down

    when on wifi i get 15.7mbps down and 2mbps up

    central florida
  20. nps531

    nps531 Well-Known Member

  21. You're wrong. What the carriers used today are actually 4G.

    ITU redefines 4G to include LTE, WiMAX and HSPA+
  22. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    "Despite this decision, marketing departments for wireless carriers, especially here in the U.S., continued to use this networking term in ways not allowed by the International Telecommunications Union."

    From here: ITU redefines 4G to include LTE, WiMAX and HSPA+

    Great, so now were not only ******ed in the US, but were not even trying to follow wordly standards.

    Not to mention what a guy said in response to all this on the same site:


    "i completely disagree. im not sure if there was a misunderstanding between what you meant and what im thinking you wrote, but if you were implying that the ITU expanded the term '4G' to include advamced 3G technology just because it was false advertisement to claim we had something that hadnt been defined (therefore didnt exist) and to get phone companies more money then i am appalled. if the ITU really did change this to make phone companies happy, then im disappointed at them. if youre implying this, im disappointed at you.

    ANYWAYS, since we have not yet agreed on what we will define as the next generation of cellular technology, i think that anyone claiming to have 4G technology is basically lying. no matter what technicalities may be present, we have reached a bit of a ceiling, and we need to have a break through in order to celebrate it. 1G was calling, 2G was texting, 3G was multimedia messaging, 4G has to be something a littler more than a little faster, or a little bit more support.

    its just my opinion that since we needed to invent new technology to fit a new name, that we shouldnt just shine up some old crap and call it the next generation. its like apple adding 3 or 4 'new' feature that they 'invent' and calling it the next generation of iphone. no offence to any apple fan boys or 4G-like lovers."

  23. fatstacks

    fatstacks Member

    I get roughly 2.5MB/s down and 2MB/s up using the speedtest.net app..

    I don't know if it's just me or not, but it shows the closest server to me being Dallas, when I'm in Philly.. I dunno why that is, but it's that way with GPS on or off.. Any suggestions?
  24. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    they go by your IP. dallas is metro headquarters. hence your IP origination...
  25. fatstacks

    fatstacks Member

    Weird.. With my previous phones, a 1X Metro BlackBerry it showed Philly.. Even my old Cricket Ascend showed Philly.. Silly Metro 4G showing I'm in Dallas..

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