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4G phones with 3G service only?

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  1. BboyPryme

    BboyPryme Active Member

    Will I HAVE to get 4G service on a 4G phone? I'm curious If I can upgrade to an awesome 4G Dual Core phone but just use my 3G service.

  2. gvillager

    gvillager Well-Known Member

    We don't even know what the data feature plans will be for 4G. I think they will just mirror 3G pricing which would still give you unlimited data for $30/mon. With that said, if they do price 4G differently, they will require a 4G data plan on a 4G phone.
  3. jsward12

    jsward12 Well-Known Member

    I doubt VZ would release an only 4g phone as there is such a small footprint of 4g service. I would say it would have 3g/4g capabilities like the two LTE modems have.
  4. Knewz

    Knewz Well-Known Member

    LTE is backwards compatible. 4G devices will receive/transmit 3G signal if 4G is unavailable
  5. You would think, you would be wrong, but you would think.
  6. gvillager

    gvillager Well-Known Member

    So your suggesting that LTE devices are not backwards compatible?
  7. I am suggesting that the hand off between lte and 3g right now is a nightmare. In most cases between 1-4 minutes, simply transferring from lte to 3g. Now to me, that is not exactly backwards compatible, when it is quicker to unplug the radio and replug it in, then to let it go from 3g to lte or lte to 3g. Sorry, just don't consider it backwards compatible.
  8. gvillager

    gvillager Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clarifying. We have the same problem going from 3G to 1X and vice versa. It's a minor inconvenience that we've lived with for years and I still consider 3G devices backwards compatible. I guess we all have different definitions of "backwards compatible."
  9. Knewz

    Knewz Well-Known Member

    Of course LTE is a fairly new technology and they are still working the kinks out of hand-offs but the devices will be backwards compatible. I'm sure on LTE phones there will be widgets(if android or WinMo) on the phone to switch between/turn off 4G/3G.

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