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4G/SD Card Update (4G rolls out 9/29/11)

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  1. scorp64va

    scorp64va Well-Known Member

    I would strongly suggest signing up for this from a computer and not from your Xoom. At the end they want you to print 2 copies of an RMA confirmation page which the stock browser will not save properly. I finally just had to copy out the text from the page into a text file in order to save it for later printing, but its not in the same format. I'll have to see when I get home this evening if the page can be pulled back up on the Motorola site.

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  2. Amatherly

    Amatherly Active Member

    The email confirmation that Motorola sends is the same page. If you read it, it even refers to itself as an email. And if you read the confirmation email, it says to print it and include it.
  3. scorp64va

    scorp64va Well-Known Member

    Ah. Haven't gotten a confirmation email from Motorola yet. Did get one from FedEx that the shipping package is going out today.
  4. zetroc

    zetroc Well-Known Member

    I just got done with all this, my address wasn't working in Moto's system, so it took a while, but finally I just gave a different address and it processed correctly. I got my RMA and the expected delivery is tomorrow (9/30) at 3pm.

    Per Moto, the first 75,000 completed upgrades will receive a thank you letter for doing the upgrade and a standard dock with their upgraded XOOM. I hope I am one of those 75,000 since I just completed it before noon! I'm excited!
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  5. Damn, I almost feel like I should have gotten the 4G instead of WiFi knowing about this gift.

    But meh, I'll survive. :)
  6. Tosa90

    Tosa90 Well-Known Member

    I hope I get a dock. Though I can't even seem to load the webpage to upgrade right now. It's been loading for about 10 minutes now.

    Of course as soon as I hit submit on the post the page loaded.:rolleyes:
  7. AcesFull

    AcesFull Active Member

    Filled out the form yesterday, got the Fedex box today, backing up now, will ship within the hour.
  8. FragDroidX

    FragDroidX Well-Known Member

    Just relocked and shipped out. Will report back when my baby returns.
  9. romshark

    romshark Active Member

    I'm still waiting on the box. It was originally scheduled to arrive today at work, but the tracking never got past "Shipment information sent" and no box at work. Hope my box gets sent to me soon!
  10. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    this seams like the stupidest process imin for an update ... just my 2 cent
  11. bvondross

    bvondross New Member

  12. zetroc

    zetroc Well-Known Member

    Me too. Shipment info says Monday. :(
  13. AcesFull

    AcesFull Active Member

    Requested box Thursday, got box Friday and shipped out.

    Got this email at 9:36 central
    This email is to confirm that we have received your Motorola XOOM and are in process of completing the 4G LTE upgrade.

    Checked the tracking number given, and the message at the Moto website said essentially the same thing.

    Just re-checked the Moto website tracker at 5:00 central, and got this:

    Tracking Order Number:: xxxxxxxx
    This device has shipped or is in the process of being shipped back to you. If no tracking information is available, please check back at a later time to allow our system time to update.

    No shipping number was given, so its unclear if it shipped today or not.

    Updates to follow.
  14. ckeegan

    ckeegan Well-Known Member

    They received my XOOM this morning, FedEx says they signed for it at 7:51am. Still not showing anything but received on the status page though.

    A little concerned since I've actually received 4 FedEx boxes from Motorola since Friday! Sometimes I think the company as a whole is just smoking crack.
  15. kennychaffin

    kennychaffin Well-Known Member

    So for those of you upgrading, do you have to upgrade or change your data plan? Does the price increase for 4G?
  16. scorp64va

    scorp64va Well-Known Member

    You don't have to change to a 4G data plan. The 4G plans cost the same as 3G and allow you to use 3G when 4G isn't available.
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  17. zetroc

    zetroc Well-Known Member

    I miss my XOOM! I've been without it for less than a day. I can't believe how much I actually use that sucker. Can't wait for it to come back dripping 4G LTE goodness!
  18. sm24

    sm24 Active Member

    having the same issue. Says it was completed yesterday but no tracking info yet
  19. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    fingers crossed for you guys that you will get it back
  20. AcesFull

    AcesFull Active Member

    Still reading the same. Shipped or in the process of shipping, but no shipping information, and no box at my office.
  21. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    its got to be nerve racking
  22. kennychaffin

    kennychaffin Well-Known Member

    I'm looking forward to seeing what people think, speed, battery life changes, etc.
  23. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    same here
  24. polo2883

    polo2883 Well-Known Member

    Same status for me. When I call to find out when its going to ship back they keep telling me the same story. Its been shipped ohh wait I dont know, let me get you to the escalation department. Then at the escalation department they tell me its shipping the day I called. So I have been told it will ship yesterday and again when I called today that it will ship today. Then I was told that they have till Friday before they have to ship it since they quote everyone 5 business days.
  25. sm24

    sm24 Active Member

    Mine now shows as shipped with a tracking number and fed ex shows its due for delivery tomorrow!!! Hope everyone else gets theirs asap

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