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  1. JCFinsCanes

    JCFinsCanes Member

    I downloaded LauncherPro and was able to get to a hidden menu. Then I find a "settings" tab, so I hit it and one of the options is "4G Settings".

    Anyone know what this is all about? I'm new to the whole root thing and was just curious. I try to go into this "4G Settings" and all it does is kick me back out. Also to note: There is an option called "work mode" on another hidden menu(the ##3282# menu) that has the ability to change to CDMA and WiMax.

    Am I missing something? Why would they put these options on the phone if you can't do anything with them?

  2. Toastrman

    Toastrman Well-Known Member

    It comes with launcherpro. It only works on 4g enabled devices
  3. KageBeast

    KageBeast Well-Known Member

    Those might be things samsung was testing out

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