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  1. redjama

    redjama Guides Guide

    Just got the phone yesterday. Noticed there's no option to shut 4g on and off. Also noticed that I'm never connected to 4g even though I'm in a 4g area. If I use the boost mobile app and tap on my device it says 4g on but not connected. Anyone have a clue of what's going on with this?

  2. sonicbluemustang

    sonicbluemustang Well-Known Member

    I was near Daytona the other week and my 4g popped up surprising me cause we dont have any LTE in Tallahassee yet so I know you dont have to turn it on.
    Are you sure your in a 4g LTE area or is it the old 4g wimax? Not sure if it would work on both.
  3. redjama

    redjama Guides Guide

    Only coverage in the area is the 4g WiMAX. I called boost today and surprise surprise we have a tower not working (cough.....bullshit....cough). the 4g is extremely limited right now where I'm at and its all WiMAX. In order for me to get LTE I need to drive about 1 1/2 hrs....lol. oh well
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  4. tegezee

    tegezee Member

    I have LTE in lansing, MI but we're not even on the coverage map lol. I get 10mbps
  5. Golono

    Golono Well-Known Member

    Be patient. They are slowly but surely launching it in new cities. When I first got the force, I only had pockets of 4G in some areas. Within a few weeks I noticed that my entire neighborhood had it and found it in some other areas too. You can check the sprint newsroom for details on new launches or look at their coverage map. However, the coverage map will not show the Lte coverage until it is officially launched in the area.
  6. sonicbluemustang

    sonicbluemustang Well-Known Member

    I was looking online at who's tower is what and Verizon claims the same tower that Sprint does. So how do they explain that. IMO the gov should make them all be one and create a "Real" early warning system.
  7. fleapower

    fleapower Well-Known Member

    That's what we need, more government control. :)

    4G was rare for me a year ago in western Washington, but now it is just about everywhere.
  8. bcrichster

    bcrichster Well-Known Member

    As an electrician: my guess is that one company built the tower (most likely Sprint, due to it's longevity in the business) and the other company rents it's use, installing their own signal generators/processors...
  9. Golono

    Golono Well-Known Member

    I actually recently found how to turn 4G off. Navigate to System Settings , press 'more' under the wireless & network section, mobile network, and finally, network mode. You can choose between running CDMA & LTE or CDMA only. :D
    This should hopefully save a lot of battery life for those who are not in LTE areas.

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