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50% Motorola Xoom Accessories, Don't forget!Accessories

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  1. pflol

    pflol Well-Known Member

    Don't forget to pull the trigger on the 50% discount which ends 6/26.

    50% off Motorola Store Accessories - xda-developers

    edit: According to other boards they say combing speaker dock WITH keyboard yields another -$50 off ontop of the 50%!

    Speaker HDMI DOCK: 129.99
    Camera Connection Kit: (Usb OTG Cable Official): 19.99
    Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard: 69.99

    Item Subtotal:
    Shipping & Handling:
    Promotion Applied
    XOOM Accessy 50%
    Before Tax Total:
    Estimated Tax:
    Order Total:

    For all 3 only 66.87! What a steal.

    Deal pulled as of Monday morning, no idea if they are going to re-up it. Doubtful.

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  2. Acropolis

    Acropolis Member

    Excellent!! I just ordered the keyboard, dock with speakers and a car charger and the total went from $229.94 before tax and shipping to $73.12 with tax and shipping.

    Thanks for the reminder!
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  3. mched

    mched Well-Known Member

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't seem to get the extra 50% off.:confused:
  4. pflol

    pflol Well-Known Member

    They pulled it this morning.
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  5. mched

    mched Well-Known Member

    So much for it being available until the 26th
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  6. drhill

    drhill Well-Known Member

    Probably thought they were smart unloading stock. Then realized everyone really wanted it, just not at the outrageous price.
  7. pflol

    pflol Well-Known Member

    Ordered saturday and it already shipped! I guess that June 28th-July5th estimate is way off!

    Greetings from Motorola,
    We thought you would like to know that we shipped your items, and that this completes your order.

    via fedex
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  8. jaybeewaybee

    jaybeewaybee Well-Known Member

    Ordered by phone today. Told them been trying to order online since Sunday but had a problem. Got full discount on dock and keyboard. 64 bucks with tax and shipping.

    They are out of docks. Just got keyboard 50% off.
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