[6-22] Froyo Kangerade V1.1 - 10% Battery, GUI for scripts, All a2sd option, 7 Themes

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  1. jrummy16

    jrummy16 Well-Known Member


    Download Kangerade V1.1:
    *all the following are full roms*
    *see features below*
    *installation instructions are below*
    *view kanglog here*

    -Blueberry Flavored Froyo (Blue Theme) [mirror]
    -Daiquri Ice Flavored Froyo (Cyan Theme) [mirror]
    -Key Lime Pie Flavored Froyo (Green Theme) [mirror]
    -Pink Lemonade Flavored Froyo (Pink-Life Theme) [mirror]
    -Strawberry Flavored Froyo (Red Theme) [mirror]
    -Plain Froyo (Stock Theme) [mirror]
    -Froyo with Nex-Theme *credit to manup456* [mirror]
    *feel free to post mirrors on this thread only*

    Download Additional Goodies Here
    *goodies have been updated*
    *install as you would a rom*
    *use custom scripts to apply*

    Screen Shots:

    Blue Theme:
    Cyan Theme:
    Green Theme:
    Pink-Life Theme:
    Red Theme:


    -FRF57 Base *Credit to P3Droid for the leak
    -Stock kernel
    -10% battery increments for all themes
    -Added GUI for custom scripts by Canvs2321 **donate to Canvs2321**
    -Apps to sdcard scripts a2sdon, a2sdoff, a2sdauto
    -All themes fully zipaligned
    -Busybox symlinked properly (ie. You don't have to type busybox w/ each command)
    -Built latest ADW Launcher from source for droid *Thanks anderweb & CM*
    -Complete MusicMod overhaul by Eliot Stocker (from source) *use script*
    -Added 30 custom wallpapers to ADW Launcher
    -Added custom spare parts (from source)
    -Cleaned up/Added custom wallpapers for Froyo Launcher2
    -Custom Froyo boot animation *credit to kc.rkitek & ogdobber
    -High quality video recording hack
    -Removed ads by default
    -Removed camera shutter sound by default
    -Disabled OTA updates
    -Decreased call delay
    -Decreased boot time
    -Increased wifi scan time to save battery life
    -Added bash and nano
    -Added Chrome to Phone
    -Added Pandora Radio
    -Added Adobe Flash Player (install from sdcard/adobeflashplayer)
    -Removed AmazonMP3, Google Goggles, Protips & Visual Voicemail
    -Added 150 colors to nexus live wallpaper by default
    -Added over 120 custom scripts (see below)
    -Fixed market and loss of data connection issues

    Custom Scripts:
    *to view what each script does see this.. or use the scripts script*
    To see what all those live wallpapers look like check this out

    Kangerade Scripts app (by Canvs2321):

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Clockwork Installation Instructions:

    -Update & backup any files you wish to restore, this will wipe /data
    -Place the ROM on the root of your sdcard
    -Reboot into recovery mode (hold the power and "x" button at the same time)
    -Install ZIP from sdcard
    -Choose ZIP from sdcard
    -Reboot and Enjoy!

    SPRecovy Installation Instructions:

    -Update & backup any files you wish to restore, this will wipe /data
    -Rename the rom to update.zip
    -Place the ROM on the root of your sdcard
    -Reboot into recovery mode (hold the power and "x" button at the same time)
    -Allow update.zip Installation
    -Install /sdcard/update.zip (depreciated)
    -Reboot and Enjoy!

    Donate to JRummy:

    HUGE thanks to: Xeudoxus, P3Droid, INSANENEIVIESIS, {N8}, jdlfg, Koush, Team Chaos, manup456, anderweb, cyanogen, chevyno1, AdamZ, slayher and other people I know I'm missing.


    Even More Extras:

    Install as you would any app:

    Adobe Flash Player: HERE
    ADWLuancher (from source w/ extra wallpapers): HERE

    Kangerade Custom Sigs and QR Codes:
    *Install roms w/ qr codes via rom manager

    Blue Theme:

    1. http://i48.tinypic.com/jztctf.jpg

    1. http://i45.tinypic.com/zvvnv9.jpg
    Cyan Theme:
    1. http://i47.tinypic.com/rrt3wg.jpg
    1. http://i48.tinypic.com/2mqureu.jpg
    Green Theme:
    1. http://i46.tinypic.com/313r3pu.jpg
    1. http://i48.tinypic.com/2ueptw6.jpg
    Pink-Life Theme:
    1. http://i47.tinypic.com/5361wm.jpg
    1. http://i49.tinypic.com/3343fkm.jpg
    Red Theme:
    1. http://i47.tinypic.com/fmjrj7.jpg
    1. http://i48.tinypic.com/2d9e2cm.jpg
    Custom Extra Launchers:
    *apply as an update.zip*

    Download Extras for Blue Theme:

    2.0.1 Launcher
    Launcher PRO *need to update*

    Download Extras for Cyan Theme:

    Themed Launchers:

    2.0.1 Launcher
    Launcher PRO *need to update*

    Download Extras for Green Theme:

    Themed Launchers:

    2.0.1 Launcher
    Launcher PRO *need to update*

    Download Extras for Red Theme:

    Themed Launchers:

    2.0.1 Launcher
    Launcher PRO *need to update*

    Download Extras for Pink-Life Theme:

    Themed Launchers:

    2.0.1 Launcher
    Launcher PRO *need to update*

    Extra Goodies for Pink-Life:

    Themed Twitter
    Themed Handcent
    Pink-Life Boot Animation

    Change your clock and notification colors:
    *Rename to update.zip and apply in recovery.
    *First boot up will take awhile... be patient!
    *Note: this will remove the 10% battery increments.. will update this tomorrow.

    white notifications with clock
    white notifications without clock
    Blue notifications with clock
    Blue notifications without clock
    Cyan notifications with clock
    Cyan notifications without clock
    Green notifications with clock
    Green notifications without clock
    Red notifications with clock
    Red notifications without clock
    Pink notifications with clock
    Pink notifications without clock

  2. bigdroiddog

    bigdroiddog Well-Known Member

    ID say jrummy is now cutting edge with the new froyo rom, I am liking it more than what pete has right now, but please no disrespect to pete, he has been putting out amazing roms for a long time. Great job jrummy, you are nothing short of amazing
  3. inssane

    inssane Well-Known Member

    Good way of putting it.
  4. shoadelf

    shoadelf Member

    i dont get why it has to be all one color?
  5. skltr21

    skltr21 New Member

    someone please help!!!!!! i downloaded this new update and now my phone wont boot up. its just stuck on the boot screen on the M logo. ive tried pulling the battery and same thing. nothing is working........ what do i need to do??? did this brick my phone???
  6. Wazoo

    Wazoo Well-Known Member

    Does this include ADW.Launcher and the custom wallpapers or is that a separate download?
  7. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    Because the developer evidently likes to make them that way. :)

    As they say, if you don't like it, you can look into theming and make your own.

    In the meantime, try the NexTheme version...more subtle, not a mono-color theme. My favorite, as a matter of fact.
  8. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member


    I've had the Kangerade Scripts GUI hang on me both times I've used it so far...locks up the phone, one time had to pull the battery, other time phone rebooted.

    Both times occurred when I was scrolling through options. First time I was scrolling through font choices.

    Second time I had applied the stock font successfully and was going to change the boot animation when things locked up as I was scrolling through boot animation choices.

    Anyone else?

    Everything else seems very good...performance is very nice, wifi works, and my phone rebooted pretty nicely this time - got stable very quickly. Using the stock kernel...
  9. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    You might need this:


    Try pulling the battery for a minute or so and try again.

    Have you tried to boot into recovery? Press and hold power button and "X" key on the keyboard at the same time until the phone boots into recovery...
  10. einyv

    einyv Well-Known Member

    i had the same issue. If using Rom Manager if you had the latest probably the issue. I restored an earlier version and it fixed the issue.

    Had to go back to first version. this version was slower. will try again tomorrow.
  11. bgish3

    bgish3 Well-Known Member

    i had no 3g when i loaded this up and i tried everything redoing baseband, reactivating, and updating prl and still nothing....anyone else have that problem, or no how to fix it?
  12. Shadowtech

    Shadowtech Well-Known Member

    Working a lot better for me than Kangerade 1.0 was, have yet to get a random reboot on my phone. 1 thing however, your build number is still listed as Kangerade 1.0 in About Phone. I know it's just a cosmetic thing, but still overlooked.
  13. King_Bean

    King_Bean Well-Known Member

    Actually, the green theme is not "all one color". It's very similar to NexTheme but has a few extra tweeks that make it more aesthetically appealing, imo.
  14. mazz0310

    mazz0310 Well-Known Member

    Installed cyan theme, looks great and is running great.
  15. flash24

    flash24 Well-Known Member

    Will def try this out when I get home, thanks!
  16. Rons

    Rons Well-Known Member

    JRUMMY has done it AGAIN!

    One problem. I ran the music mod script and now I have no music apps at all.
    I rebooted and nothing.
  17. Bunsen Honeydew

    Bunsen Honeydew Well-Known Member

    Is anybody having trouble with the music widgets? I have a music widget until I run the music script. After that there is no widget. Run the script again and there is no original widget either. I have tried reflashing the rom and goodies. I have tried running the script with the terminal emulator and the scripts app with the same results. Weird

    Edit: Good timing, huh?
  18. jackburnt

    jackburnt Well-Known Member

    You guys wiping from v1 or not? I'm going to install this today.

    Kang v1 was working best of all the Froyo themes, but not perfectly. Hopefully this will fix some of the issues.
  19. justinthegeek

    justinthegeek Member

    Perfect :)
  20. mihalich

    mihalich Well-Known Member

    Can anyone else confirm that the build number says Froyo Kangerade V1.0 in the phone settings after upgrading to 1.1 from 1.0?

  21. Bunsen Honeydew

    Bunsen Honeydew Well-Known Member

    Same here
  22. jackburnt

    jackburnt Well-Known Member

    Just went v1 -> v1.1 without wiping. Let's hope all is well.

    Market's a bit slow (but when isn't it?)

    And build is still 1.0 for me as well.
  23. mihalich

    mihalich Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Just making sure i'm not in some intermediate state, cuz i didn't wipe data when I upgraded.

    Also, I had posted in the 1.0 thread that I could not launch contacts from a folder on the desktop in 1.0. In 1.0 the stock launcher was ADW, and I had installed the later version of ADW too. With either launcher, when I tried to launch the contact, I'd get a force close on process acore...

    Anyway, with 1.1, the stock launcher is back to the stock froyo launcher. With that launcher, I can launch contacts from the desktop fine. But with my alternate launcher ADW, it still fails.

    So, it appears this problem is related to ADW, and not Kangerade specifically.

  24. DTIGER15

    DTIGER15 Active Member

    I just DL jrummy 1.1 and in my settings it says build number is froyo kangerade v1.0. Why isnt it the latest one 1.1? If I try to update it says the rom is properly not set up to receive ota updates. How do I get 1.1 build?
  25. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga VIP Member

    perhaps he forgot to change the build.prop to say 1.1

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