6 points menu on tablet misguides

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    SoftwinerEvb tablet Android 4.1.1. 2 month old. [text copied from screen]

    My model has on the task bar left to right RETURN -CLOSE arrow, HOME 5-point rectangle, DOUBLE rectangle for open pages list. More--.

    From the home page I can sweep right / left to show more icons etc. On the HOME page top right there are 6 dots, 2x3 as a menu button.
    If I want the large icon collection of all the programs I need to touch the 2x3 dots. The HOME screen is replaced. This is as it should be / was.

    This used to work fine until yesterday.
    To day touching the 2x3 dots results in screen changes equal to sliding the home screen.
    The large icon collection screen is no longer accessible.

    The applications are still listed in settings Apps.
    If I (re-)install a program (app) its icon goes to the HOME screen.

    I removed the external SD card, restarted, same, shut down again, plugged in the card, restarted, same.

    File explorer has a menu for internal and external SD card. (I can not physically touch the internal SD card (manufacturer's fancy naming), only the external plug-in micro SD. This menu shows: Left arrow (shortens path), Memory access internal (works), memory access external (not responding). More touch buttons: USB, copy paste, film roll, spanner tool, another icon.

    When I start the tablet, a message appears [external memory mounted]. However, File Explorer will no longer respond to the external "button". It responds to the Internal Memory "button" and extends the path to the end when folders are touched. But then it will not respond to the arrow button for path shortening; it should. To shorten the file path I now need to use the Close/Return buttom left side of task bar. This work works but is not the intended way. So I can not see the content of the externally mounted SD card. All other menu buttons of FM are not responding: USB, copy paste, film roll, spanner tool, another icon of which I can not remember what it is for.
    Settings STORAGE shows the external card as 14 GB. The only place where it is recognzed by the system - it appears.

    The large collection Icon page is / was independent of whether the external memory is mounted. It is not the card which eliminates the page.

    I was testing some downloaded programs, using google's installation verifier for installation. No error messages received. Most of these programs I deinstalled. All from Slideme.org.

    I did not FACTORY RESET the tablet, don't fancy all these re-registrations becoming necessary.
    I did not BACK UP MY DATA to Google. If anything I prefer backup to my plug-in SD-Card.
    The RESET menu offers System Upgrade - Recovery Mode. [can clear the data or system upgrade].

    Where to go from here? What to do and where are the traps?


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    Logged in to forum ok
    Then needed to log-in to my own thread - strange.

    As to subject - just checking for any guidance - so far none.
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    this will do, I won't come back to look.

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