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64gb causes maxx to freeze

  1. idiggplants

    idiggplants Active Member

    i just got a 64gb sandisk from amazon..
    Amazon.com: SanDisk Ultra 64 GB MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card with Adapter (SDSDQU-064G-AFFP-A): Electronics

    formatted it on my phone...
    it works fine in the usb reader on my computer. reads quick, writes quick. when i put it in my phone empty, it is fine. but if i toss it back onto the computer and copy my music from the old sd card, it slows the phone completely, and then if i try playing any music, it does some wierd things with the screen, and shortly after, completely freezes. is it safe to assume i got a bad card? could it be that i have corrupt files in my music folder?


  2. AxlMyk

    AxlMyk Active Member

    I have one in my GS3 and didn't need to format it, as the card comes ready to go. Maybe that's the problem.

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