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64GB microSD class 10 in Galaxy Tab 2?General

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  1. ikkewij

    ikkewij Member


    Does somebody knows, if and especially how, I can make work a Sandisk 64MB MicroSD SDHC class 10 on my tab Galaxy 2 10.1?

    Thx for detailed info.

  2. ikkewij

    ikkewij Member

    Meanwhile I received a
    - 32GB SDSH card out of the box formatted as FAT32
    - 64GB SDSX card out of the box formatted as exFAT

    The 64GB is not working, not recognised by the tab, the 32GB is working fine.

    Any suggestions? Is it related to the type of formatting?
    I check within my windows 7 pc but I am not able to format the 64gb card to FAT32!

    Please, any suggestions?
  3. HotRoderX

    HotRoderX Well-Known Member

  4. reyrios

    reyrios Member

  5. reyrios

    reyrios Member

    Also, from Amazon:

    I got this for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with my fingers crossed as there were no reports regarding compatibility. Initially, it failed to read, but did recognize it - tried a reformat in the tablet but it failed. I took it out and put it into my MacBook Pro with its included SD card adapter and reformatted to FAT32 using disk utility. This worked. I now have my iTunes collection on it synced via Doubletwist. I moved pictures there as well. Very happy.
  6. reyrios

    reyrios Member

  7. ibrokers

    ibrokers New Member

    I had same issue and attempted numerous methods, then tried the simpliest.

    Put the SD micro in a Samsung Galaxy Note phone, format and unmount.

    My Tab 2 model is P5110

    Pop it into the Tab 2 and it recognizes all 64gb card and can be used no problem. :)

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