64gb XD Card in their Exhibit II?General

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  1. sirphilk

    sirphilk Active Member

    Has anyone tried this? I read elsewhere that most Android Phones support them. But I haven't heard anything specific for this phone. I have a 32gb card in there now and I'm starting to notice I'm getting somewhat low on space (doesn't help that I'm downloading torrents of TV shows to watch on the go -Thanks TMO for the unlimited Internet!)

  2. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

    sure just format the card with your computer first
  3. epp

    epp Well-Known Member

    Most of the recent Android phones will accept up to and including a 32Gb microSD card, not one larger than 32Gb and definitely not an XD card.

    XD was a memory card originally developed by Fujifilm and Olympus several years ago for digital cameras, it's a completely different card. :)
  4. sirphilk

    sirphilk Active Member

    I made a mistake when I stated XD, I mean't XC. I got the one here:

    I haven't tried it yet in my Galaxy Exhibit. I decided to install it in my Galaxy Tab 2 instead. The Galaxy Tab 2 also only states it supports up to and including 32gb Micro SD. And while I did need to reformat it to FAT32, it did and continues to work after that. I may buy a second one and try it out and see. If not it's no loss because I have a few other places I can use one.
  5. epp

    epp Well-Known Member

    I bought a PNY 16Mb microSD card (and adapter) for one of my Exhibit 2's and it works fine. It was the only microSD that the retailer had at the time, but I have since found a 32Gb card elsewhere.

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