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7.7 Stuck in Download LoopSupport

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  1. gaugerer

    gaugerer Well-Known Member

    My 7.7 is stuck in a Downloading loop and I'm glad I bought it from Amazon UK who have agreed to replace it. I've tried holding the power button down until the downloading screen disappears but it re-appears almost immediately. The 7.7 is less than 30 days old and I've just done one official OTA upgrade when offered it. I've Googled for help but this problem seems rare as I've not found anyone else with it.

  2. gaugerer

    gaugerer Well-Known Member

    I allowed my battery to go flat overnight with the downloading screen on and I've been able to re-boot this morning. I am going to avoid powering down until I get a usb cable which will allow me to re-flash the stock ROM if I get more trouble.
  3. gaugerer

    gaugerer Well-Known Member

    Sadly, I have arranged to return my 7.7 as I have been unable to fix it despite re-flashing the stock ROM. However, the good news is the re-order price has dropped
  4. lrossberg

    lrossberg New Member

    I had the same issue a week back. Luckily I purchased the tablet from Officeworks in Melbourne and both Officeworks and Samsung were more than happy to exchange it on the spot. Paid a little extra but I think it was worth it!
  5. gaugerer

    gaugerer Well-Known Member

    I did a re-flash of the stock ROM which got me out of the download loop and I've discovered that if you then do a factory reset then that solves the problem but I wonder why it happened in the first place. You can also let the battery go flat to get out of the download loop then do a factory reset after charging and reboot.

    You are the only other person I've heard with this problem so it seems quite rare.
  6. kellimelb

    kellimelb New Member

    My 7.7 got stuck downloading an app, but I managed to get it to stop eventually. However, now it won't do anything from wi-fi. It says it's connected, has a strong signal, but if I go to an app like facebook, gmail, etc it just won't ever update... it just keeps having the little update circle go round and round. Do you think doing a factory reset will work?
  7. BurgerBoy

    BurgerBoy New Member

    Yep, same. Have a fll signal and just will not connect to Play Store or open a browser window.
  8. gaugerer

    gaugerer Well-Known Member

    Try letting the battery go flat then do a factory reset.

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