7" gaming tablet, is the Nexus7 the only option?

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  1. Etrogann

    Etrogann Member

    I got rid of my Asus transformer, because 10" was too big for what I needed. Got a PS Vita and now see that it is not going to give me the games I want/need to stay invested in that platform. So now I am looking for a decent 7" tablet. My wife and two of my kids have the Kindle Fire and IF it had Google Play and could run games like Galaxy on Fire and Vendetta Online I would pick it up, but looking around I am only seeing the Nexus 7 as competition for the Kindle Fire.
    So here I am to get some ideas from actual users of these tablets before I go out and trade in my Vita for a tablet. What are your thoughts on the best 7" tablet for gaming?

  2. puchodog1977

    puchodog1977 Active Member

    You can root and hack a kindle to run Google play games. But nexus has the guts for those games. That or try your hands on some Samsung note 2
  3. Etrogann

    Etrogann Member

    If sprint would offer better service in the area I would try the note2. But I cannot afford $80+ a month for the same coverage I get for $25 through Virgin Mobile. But as far as tablets go you are saying go Nexus7?

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