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7" Netbook Android 2.2 with WonderMedia 8650Support

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  1. erupce

    erupce New Member

    I need help (HOWTO + link for compatible v2.3) with install Android OS 2.3 to Netbook with Android OS 2.2. CPU WM8650, 800MHz, RAM 256MB and Nand Flash 2GB. On the version 2.2 I have non funciti
    on Android Market, Skype & MSN.


  2. paskuniag

    paskuniag Member

    Root your Epad with z4, then get the Uberoid ROM v11 beta 3 and choose option 8. If 8 doesn't work, then choose another one on that list that supports a 7" WM8650 tablet. All of the above can be found with Google and on this website.

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