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  1. dalesponyrider

    dalesponyrider Well-Known Member

    I have got a GNex and a PC. I find the GNex great and use it as a mini computer as I am rarely at home to use the PC. I am either working, outside with my ponies or at my 91 year old parents house caring for them. Now, when I am outside my GNex is a Godsend. When I am at my parents house I use my GNex to browse the Internet, check emails and occasionally to watch television. When I am at home I have competition for the PC so often have to use the GNex.

    Now, I find using the GNex so much is a bit of a strain on my eyes so am asking for a Nexus Tablet for Christmas.

    The thing is, I can't decide on a 7 or 10.

    Which do you guys recommend? I would use it daily both at my house and my parents house, and rely on my lovely little GNex when I'm out and about.


  2. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    The 7 inch would be much easier to handle when working outside and moving around alot, that is one reason I chose this size. Plus the larger screen size over the gnex would be a big relief to your eyes.
  3. dalesponyrider

    dalesponyrider Well-Known Member

    I don't think I would use it while doing my outside stuff, too risky! Would just use it in the two houses. Would be transporting it every day though.
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I've had a 10inch TF101 and I've recently purchased the N7. I much prefer the size of the 7. It's comfier to hold, easier to type with and more portable. The TF101 has the dock but as that's not an option for the 10, I'd pick the N7 all the way.

    (Obviously spec wise the TF can't compete with the N10, but on size alone, the 7 takes it)
  5. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    I had an Acer A500 tablet, and after getting the N7, decided that was the one for me. It's so much easier to hold for long periods, can hold in one hand and type with the other, etc.
  6. estubby

    estubby Member

    I have a Nexus 7 and my girlfriend has a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. When we lounge around the house together, her tablet emasculates mine and I covet her 10-incher. Her tablet is awesome.


    I'm a public transportation junkie; I ride the bus and rail everywhere, and I take my Nexus 7 with me wherever I go. 7-inches is perfectly suited for portability and usability in public. It's easy to whip out 7-inches on the bus, much less conspicuous than whipping out 10-inches.

    Since it sounds like you are looking for a level of portability, go with the Nexus 7. Beyond just portability, I find the 7-inch screen easier to type on than the 10-inch screen. I can hold the Nexus 7 in portrait orientation, and thumb-type as if I were holding a very large cellphone. I haven't found a comfortable way to type on my girlfriend's Tab 10.1.
  7. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    10 is too big.

    7 is the perfect size for portability.
  8. Maturola

    Maturola Well-Known Member

    my vote is for 7

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