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    hi there, i didnt want to start new thread, so here it goes my question.

    HTC ONE X website --> Screen: 4.7 inch (1280 x 720 resolution)

    so technically speaking our wallpapers is best sized at 1280x720?
    but then the default wallpaper that comes along with HTC sense i think its 3040x1710.

    the main poster here suggests 1440x1280.

    so i m confused as to what the 'best' dimension and res to use for my htc one x now :eek:
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    Because there are multiple home screens that you can swipe between, you actually need it to be at least twice as wide (so that you get the nice scrolling movement as you swipe)- the screen is 1280 x 720 for what you can see on the screen at any given time, but twice as wide allows that animation as you move around the home screens. HTC's is even bigger probably because of the animation where you can "zoom out" and see all of the home screens.
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    So which size is the best to go for then??
    (HTC one x)
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    hi just thought i link another 2 threads here for easy access, less time spend for finding stuff related to wallpaper for ya.

    Just more educational read or if you have any questions to wallpaper this thread plus the link 2 here should help further.



    Anyway, long story short, here are the answer/info to questions that i had so far, that you might find useful:

    -phone screen is 1280x720
    -android system has scrolling effect (for multiple screen of your phone desktop), hence the 'wallpaper size' is set to 1440x1280.
    -but with the different effect to the sliding live wallpaper, or the launchers that you are using, it seems the wallpaper had been 'cropped' for the top and or the sides.

    -aspect ratio is 16:9.
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