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720p Video playback stutter?Support

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  1. zijincheng

    zijincheng Well-Known Member

    Hi, I have the Incredible S from virgin and the reviews from phonearena showed the incredible S playing 720p movies without any stutter but when I try to play an mp4 file @ 1280x720 h.264 it lags hard, why?

    Also, I have task killer and I always kill apps to save RAM, and I see that I always have 320Mb of ram or less free when I start up or when I have the minimum amount of apps running, since this phone as 768Mb, does that mean sense takes up like 300mb? Is there any way to cut down on RAM consumption?

    I'm thinking its because I don't have enough RAM that 720p lags...

  2. slugger09

    slugger09 Well-Known Member

    Mine does the same, I even notice it lagging when shooting in 720p
  3. PositiveMike

    PositiveMike New Member

    Mine too, i have the same problems, i was compareing it to my friend's galaxy s, and thre're no problems with video, and there is less ram, but uses also less than my inredible..(( my incredible has just a few days, and i thought it uses so much RAM, around 400Mb, beacouse of the 3.0 Sense, please, HELP!
  4. PositiveMike

    PositiveMike New Member

    It takes so much RAM because of the SD card, i guess.. it may help you, i have the same problems...((
  5. canuckerr

    canuckerr Member

    is this with the new gingerbread update?
    How about taking 720p video? any problems. I heard the update addresses these issues?
  6. zijincheng

    zijincheng Well-Known Member

    I just realized there are no problems with mp4 videos just wmv 720p videos

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