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  1. vobguy

    vobguy Well-Known Member

    Is the only difference between the two memory? How much space is already taken up by the OS and other stuff, i.e. how much free space does the 8GB really have?

    Also - can the a100 use the memory on the card "live" or is it only good to transfer stuff to the tablet's internal memory?

    I just scored a 32 gb class for micro SD card for a good price so wondering if I should save the 90 bucks or so and go with the 8 GB.. that is if I dont go with the Samsung Plus I have also been looking at, but that is 150 more than the 8 gig.

  2. jakob95

    jakob95 Well-Known Member

    You only get like 5.5GB of free space. Yes it sucks.
  3. bsharitt

    bsharitt Member

    The free space on the tablet(about 5.5GB as noted on the 8GB version) is mounted to appear as an sdcard to the system, so applications that are hard coded to only use what is mounted as /sdcard will only use that. But for "sane" music and movie apps and stuff like that, there shouldn't be any issue using files stored on the external sd card(my music works fine).
  4. aznmode

    aznmode Well-Known Member

    You do only get 5.5gb but if youre a gamer like me and play gameloft games or glu games which require a lot of downloaded data, then you can use GL to SD app and move the games data to your micro sd card after you download them. There's no need to get a 16gb version and save yourself the extra $90. All others like movies and music you can store to sd card directly.

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