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  1. swalker5906

    swalker5906 Member

    So who has the best price on this absolutely gorgeous machine on sale? Where can you find the best price? That's what this post is for.

    Currently on sale on Amazon for as little as $205.73
    or you can buy it through a reseller on ebay for as little as $199.99...but be prepared to wait longer than you would on Amazon.

    Keep it going folks. If you see it on sale, or you see a good deal elsewhere, post it here. I love this thing, its awesome! And now that we are on the brink of rooting it, I can only imagine the price is going to climb. So lets help others find the best deal so it'll get in the hands of more folks.

  2. swalker5906

    swalker5906 Member

    $199 on Amazon. Free shipping.

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