a basic question: where's the "find" or "search" feature?

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  1. j2557

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    I just started using android (KitKat), so this is probably a "duhh, that's so basic" type question, but

  2. John Bean

    John Bean Happy Wanderer

    In your example the Mac uses an application - the Finder - to search, much as Windows uses Explorer, so it isn't really the OS that's offering this facility but an "app" that happens to come with the OS.

    Many Android builds do not include a file manager (which is what the Finder is) but there are many available from the Play Store. I use and recommend ES File Explorer but there are lots of other choices.
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  3. breadnatty08

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    ES is great as a file manager for searching your entire tablets files and folders.
    For individual documents, it will depend on what app you're using to view them. Most apps will have a search function inside the menus. While viewing the document, click on the Menu button (it may be a soft key with three dots) and there will be a Search option, or as in the case of OfficeSuite, there's a magnifying glass you can search for words/terms.
    For web pages, again, it depends on what browser you're using.
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