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  1. Scared Bunny

    Scared Bunny New Member


    just bought an Optimus 2x, my first android phone after years of being a poor student and not being able to afford a decent phone.

    Can't quite figure how to get my wi-fi to work on the phone, sounds a bit stupid but ah well I'm not feeling too tech savvy at the moment.

    I can see my network on the phone, I try to connect it and it comes up authenticating then just automatically disconnects. Very frustrating since I can't seem to get the bloody thing to work or find anything that tells me how to get it to work.

    If anyone can help that'd be awesome.


  2. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the password is wrong, if it authenticates, it should move on to 'obtaining IP address'
  3. Scared Bunny

    Scared Bunny New Member

    Having a facepalm moment. I never thought of it being case sensitive. Connected now! :cool: Only feeling slightly stupid.

    Cheers for the help
  4. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    Whoops :D
  5. Scared Bunny

    Scared Bunny New Member

    Aw god. I should just send this to one of you to set up, would cause me much less stress!

    I can't seem to connect my email to it :(, I'm using K-9 but it comes up "Set up could not finish. Could not connect to server. (unable to open connection to POP server."

    I've tried to use POP3 and IMAP (though admittedly I don't know what either is, I'm just using all the options possible) but both come up with the same message. I'm not sure if it's because the uni email is from @caledonian.ac.uk but it uses Windows Live so I doubt it.

    Can anyone give baby steps on how to be less n00bish about this?
  6. Esp_McLee

    Esp_McLee Member

    Difference between POP and IMAP: POP will download the emails to your phone and remove them from the server, leaving you royally f***ed if you want to use any other email client, including webmail later on :)
    IMAP will simply read from and write changes (deletes, mark as read, etc) to the server. Would recommend IMAP over POP anyday, especially for a phone.

    As for signing in with K9, it's kinda hard to pinpoint the problem. There's a lot of variables and they all have to match the server's capabilities to the letter.

    Top tips, apart from the obvious ones like having the right password and email server URL:
    - Try username with and without the "@caledonian.ac.uk" bit
    - In security type, try both SSL (if available) and TLS (if available). 98% of email servers out there should require one of those.

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