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  1. Hi there

    It's my first post on the board but just got me new SonyE X10 min pro yesterday and my number has now ported accross to my new provider.

    This is my first Android device and comong from my old mobile SonyE W910i I'm feeling a little lost atm.

    It's kind of an embarrassing question to ask but I will ask anyway how do I answer incoming calls on my hanset? I see I green phone icon light on the screen and try to press it but nothing happen's?

    I did however manage to update it firmware from the 1.6 to 2.1 by PC companion after reading about it on your forums. :)

    UPDATE worked it out I was pressing on the green phone icon instead of dragging it accross.

  2. mikidutzadud

    mikidutzadud New Member

    do not press that green icon, but drag it to the right!

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