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    May 2, 2010
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    hi all..

    My G1 seems to be giving up on life...
    a few problems recently, new ones keep adding up...

    specs :
    Model:T-mob G1
    baseband : 62.505.20.17u_2.22.19.261
    kernel :
    mod : cyano
    build: DRC83

    situation :
    i got my G1 last august from a second hand webby. they didn't sell the G1 in belgium, so i had to get mine in holland. on day 1 i had it modded by a friend to cyanogen 4.0.4, which used to work just fine up until a few weeks ago. when i was at home it started to reboot itself (the android-screen, not the T-mob G1 screen). this mostly happened at home, when i was at work it only showed these problems once in a while.
    so i started googling.. noticed many people had the same problem. but couldn't find a solution. after a while i decided to re-flash my phone to standard out-of-the-box settings, no more cyanogen etc... no help.
    then flashed it to the newest cyanogen mod version, still rebooting... + some new problems...

    1st: when i first booted my phone on the new cyanogenmod, it didn't show my dataplan (3G or edge symbol next to clock) and i couldn't register with my google account ==> no contact list :(
    i did the last flash at work, where there is no wifi available. there i read on the interwebs that i could register with wifi at home. so when i got home i tried activating the phone's wifi. wifi activated pretty fast & found my wireless router without a problem. a few seconds after connecting to my router (i was still going through the settings menu, looking for my google-registration) the wifi disconnected and phone started to reboot a few times, in the end it kept showing the glowing android-startup screen.

    so.. pulled my battery, rebooted and went to wifi menu to disable it. since then it shows 'unable to stop wifi'

    so ... no contact list , no interwebs and a phone that makes me wanna bang my head against the wall....

    any help plx ?

    been reading all over the place (esp google, just recently discovered this webby) and i never really found an explanation that i understand.. i came across some posts about android 2.1 on the G1. haven't really looked into it yet, but is it worth the effort? or only more probs ?



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