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A call to arms

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  1. ridingonfumes

    ridingonfumes Member

    this has gone on way to long : ( and it seems no matter how much "we" complain to motorola we are still on 1.5 and now losing apps we once had.

    its time for all of us to start sending our complaints to Tmobile and Android/Google. yes WE (cliq owners) all know the holdup is moto's fault,
    Tmo and android have done their part BUT the rest of the world isnt going to be worried about the how and why----- when they go to buy new phones all they will know is----------------------------"T-MOBILE sells crappy outdated ANDROID phones"

    im sending emails and making phone calls to tmobile and android,, to let them know motorola is giving them a bad rep


  2. spyderman

    spyderman Well-Known Member

    love the attitude but why not just download the leaked 2.1 on the cliq or are you on Cliq XT?
  3. qlic714

    qlic714 Member

    yo does it work???if it does thats tha route im goin...1.5 is as dull as windows 95
  4. 1MoreMinute

    1MoreMinute Member

    I have the Cliq and Id love to do that, but I have 0 clue on how, and I know their are threads that explain it, but I'm a completed "****" when it come to these things. This is my 1st ever Android phone plus this phone is the only way I can get onto the internet and if I mess something up I am screwed!!!

    I need to get with the times and get more smart with this stuff.
  5. graff_king

    graff_king Well-Known Member

    My cliq is running 2.1 thanks to root and a nice rom. got all info I needed from: Motorola CLIQ/DEXT. Not my 1st android tho, I have a rooted evo and a rooted fender mytouch
  6. spyderman

    spyderman Well-Known Member

    cant be easier than the youtube video that was posted... Pretty simple stuff... If you made it to this forum, you will have no problem following directions to get this done.
  7. 1MoreMinute

    1MoreMinute Member

    Well hell, if its that easy I just may try it. You make it sound likes it's a cake walk :D ;)

    Which video are you referring to please? My luck Ill get the wrong one.

    Another question, if I need to make a insurance claim and get a new phone is this something that you can take off and set it back to the original state? Or is that no problem to have on it if it does need to be exchanged for a new one?

    Thanks so much for the help.
  8. spyderman

    spyderman Well-Known Member

    Its on this forum:


    You can revert back to 1.5 at any time, not sure why you would but you can.
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  9. 1MoreMinute

    1MoreMinute Member

  10. spyderman

    spyderman Well-Known Member


    No problem... Just FYI: finding RSDLite was a pain in the ass, here is a link on this forum where i found it...


    The rest of the items are easy to locate...

    Follow the instructions as it says on the Video and you will be fine...

    Good luck..
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  11. 1MoreMinute

    1MoreMinute Member

    Thanks, I just DL it. You are the man!
  12. 1MoreMinute

    1MoreMinute Member

    I was going to PM you on this but I figured that someone else might want to know the same so Ill post it here.

    Do I need to back up my contacts for my people in the phone book or anything else for that matter, or does that all stay on the phone after this update is done?

    I got all files DL'd and I'm ready to go I think, but going to wait till I hear back from you about my questions before I pull the trigger on this.

    Thanks so much for your help so far.
  13. spyderman

    spyderman Well-Known Member

    Yep, back up your contacts because they will be wiped...

    All your non OEM apps will need to be re-installed as well...

    Kind of sucks but at least better than waiting for 2.1 via TMO...
  14. dmkjr

    dmkjr Active Member

    There is a .RAR version of the program that comes up in a quick Google search query. It took about 35 seconds to find, and 2 minutes to download.

    I don't even consider CLIQ running 1.5 anymore. If you can't follow then video to upgrade, you probably shouldn't possess a smartphone.

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