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    I have never had a smart phone and recently got a Samsung Fascinate. First I'm loving it, but I do have a few questions. My carrier is Verizon. I downloaded the User Manual from Samsung and still have questions. Reluctantly I got a gmail account and transfered my msn address book to it and then loaded the gmail address on to my phone. I also synched to my facebook account which loaded my fb friends on to my contact list. Which is where my first question comes from. How do I delete a contact from the phone? Just because their my fb friend doesn't necessarily mean I want them on my phone. Along with that how do I edit a fb contact to add info that I have that isn't included on their fb profile? I can't find this anywhere in the user manual.

    Another question I have has to do with music. All of my digital music is loaded on Itunes. (This is really embarrasing) How do I get music from the Itunes library on to the phone?

  2. Long press the contact, then hit delete. You can also hide all facebook contacts by going to menu-view in the contacts app.

    Long press, and hit edit.

    That depends. If your music was purchased from itunes, then it has DRM in it, and wont play on anything that isnt an apple product. You will have to find a way to remove the DRM first.

    If your music was just imported into itunes, it shouldnt have drm. Connect your phone to your computer, enable disk drive mode by pulling down the notification bar on the phone. Open the sd card drive in windows, create a folder called Music on the sd card, and drag your music into there.
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    :confused: OK, I'm confused. When I long press for 1 contact I get 4 options; Delete, Join contact, Send contact information and Mark as default but no edit option. On other contacts I do get the edit option.

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