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  1. Savage Shadows

    Savage Shadows Well-Known Member

    So over the past few days, I've had a couple interesting ideas that I think may be beneficial to the forums. One of them would be a last post preview, and the other would be an expansion of the device information idea.

    The last post preview idea:
    The idea I have here comes from being actively engaged in threads. Its not uncommon that when a new reply comes about in a thread you participate in, that in no way does it relate to you. So what I thought of was a way to take a quick look at the last post that doesn't involve loading a new page, and scrolling all the way to the bottom. In the Last Post column of a forum, when you hover over that cell, it shows you the number of replies and views (information that is redundant considering the same information is right next to that cell). So I suggest one of two things.
    First suggestion is to apply the same hover text found in the Thread / Thread Starter column, but of course, use the last post instead of the OP.
    Second suggestion is to create a new pop up that actually shows the full text of the last post, or at least up to around 300 - 350 characters worth.

    The expanded device information idea:
    In some device forums, such as the HTC EVO Design 4G, it can become hard to keep track of not only software and OTA versions, but also devices. The EVO Design 4g forums encompasses two devices, three carriers, and still to some extent, two versions of android (GB and ICS). And that's not to mention the devices used outside of the US (mainly India) and those flashed to other carriers. I think it would be beneficial for forums such as these to include either a link to a new page, or encourage a sticky thread that will list current software versions and a history of OTA update information. I would like to add that it would be only logical to include these stickies or links in both the regular and all things root forums for devices in such circumstances.

    Those were the ideas I've had recently, and I would like to see that somebody also agrees that they could be beneficial to our forums. I think it is safe to say, that these could actually prove to be handy tools to some forums and their members.

  2. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    #1) I wish for this too. Too often do I run my mouse over the title to remind myself what the thread is about, then the last post column only to then remind myself that one doesn't do the same thing.

    It's a good suggestion, as is the popup bit - but I'm not sure I see our developer getting the go on it. It's an enhancement for sure but I don't see it being viewed as worthy of pulling him over here. I think, too, that in practice it won't work out that well anyway, as you still would wonder if there were replies that came in before that one on busy threads, and need to click in anyway.

    #2) It's no secret we need to come up with something to resolve this. We have so many devices. So many variations, carriers, etc. What you said, and it affects lots of forums and makes for quite the nightmare. Every time we try to set a standard something new gets thrown into the mix to mess it all up. So we've just been tryin' to go with the flow on this one.

    Rob hit me up not long ago saying he wanted to redo the way the phone forums worked anyway - design and page load wise - so perhaps we can figure out a complete overhaul that would work while we are at it.
  3. davoid

    davoid Well-Known Member

    That is what I thought - I always want to read the interim posts anyway, to follow the flow of the discussion from my last read post.

    My niggle is that when there is a multi-page thread and you click on the Last Page link and you find yourself at the top of a new page. You then click on the previous page, and all the unread post indicators have cleared to a read state, and you have to work out which was the last post you read.
  4. Savage Shadows

    Savage Shadows Well-Known Member

    I didn't want to create a new thread just for this, when I already have a thread here.

    I have a suggestion for the mobile phandroid app. Something that bugs me is links in the in-app news articles. Sometimes, I'll come across a link while reading one of the articles in the phandroid app, a link to something in the phandroid site. But it still catches me off guard when I'm asked which browser I want to use to view that link.

    I think it would be a great enhancement if the app could automatically detect links that direct you to a phandroid page, and open that page in the app when selected. It may seem like a small feature for a lot of work, but I think it would create more of a seamless experience.
  5. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    That needs to be posted in the Phandroid Applications section - it's the only place our Android Dev follows.

  6. Savage Shadows

    Savage Shadows Well-Known Member

    Good point. Thanks phases. Late night post, you know how it is :rolleyes:
  7. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    You should see what I can do at 5am before I've had my coffee!

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