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A couple of questions..Support

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  1. I just had a look at the Acer A500 today at BestBuy and had 2 big questions, one of which is hoping that some could try something out for me.

    1) Some websites automatically redirect you to a mobile version (ie. msn.com) which looks much more limited than there normal page when viewing from a PC. Is there any way to hide the fact that it's a "mobile" unit so that it goes to the page you ask for?

    2) I tried logging into one of my websites (vBulletin Forum) and after giving the "Thank you for logging in" message and redirecting back to the forums, it shows that I was not logged in. I've seen this happen on a PC, but usually doing a hard refresh (ctrl+F5) will usually resolve it. This is probably a cookie issue, but I couldn't find any way around it. I tried logging in 5 times in a row, but it just wouldn't take. Can someone give it a try on my website? Register for an account, then logout and try to log back in. BowlingTracker.com


  2. Oh.. can I tack one more question onto this?

    Has anyone tried reading a full sized SD card using a SD to USB adapter? I've read that this supports USB Host, so I'm assuming it should work.

    Thanks again
  3. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    1. All browser have a desktop mode, so no need to worry about mobile versions (unless you want to them). Most Android browsers offer Android, iPad and desktop mode.

    2. The sd card should not be an issue. I use a 64gb thumbdrive with no issues and a 32gb microsd.
  4. Cool.. Thanks rushmore. I'm gonna go have another look at it tomorrow. I was hoping to get the ASUS Transformer, but I think I might like this one even better after reading up on it.
  5. @rushmore. How do you go into this "Desktop" mode for the browser. I got the A500 yesterday and have looked and looked and cannot find any setting for it.

    Or do I have to download a different browser to get that funtionality. I've only used the stock browser so far.

    (The login issue I has having in the store doesn't happen on this one)
  6. michaelg1030

    michaelg1030 Well-Known Member

    In the browser type "about:debug" without the quotes and hit enter. It will reload the page. Then click settings for the browser (top right corner) and click debug then click uastring and select the option you want.
  7. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    In Dolphin, Skyfire and xScope you can go into settings and change the user client. I try to avoid the stock browser, so assumed you would use another too. Sorry.

    I wish Flash behaved better in Dolphin. Seems hit & miss to work or not. Flash does not work in the other browsers at all. Honeycomb is the issue.
  8. alicia4065

    alicia4065 Well-Known Member

    @ michaelg1030 thanks for the tip since I'm always switching between different browsers and seem to use the stock browser the most.

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