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A couple questions about the backflipSupport

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  1. Rv138

    Rv138 Member

    hello all im a new user to the forum and a newbie when it comes to androids in general, but iv heard some awesome things about them and im tied to at&t for a while longer and am planning to use my sisters upgrade (she bought a unlocked blackberry storm so has no use for it) to get the backflip

    so my questions are:
    does it have an
    compass (im guessing that may be an accelerometer, but the people on google skymaps video said if your phone doesnt have a "compass" then you could only use it manually

    does it have or will it ever have flash 10.1?

    i know allot of people are bitching about the specs but it honestly doesnt seem so bad, especially when compared to like the g1 and others, seems the same to me.

    and would anyone happen to know when the other android phones will be announced for at&t. im guessing there all going to have the same bs yahoo search and crapware.


    main questions are accelerometer, compass, flash 10.1

  2. kirbo20

    kirbo20 Well-Known Member

    Yes to accelerometer, yes to compass, no to flash. I assume it would get flash. I was nervous about the specs at first but it is running just fine. Easy to multitask and lots of other stuff. Not once has it locked up or slowed down on me.
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  3. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    It ios rumored that it will get flash when the 2.1 upgrade comes out (and unlike the iPhone it will be a free upgrade) besides flash, also rumored is multi touch (pinch to zoom :D ); so we'll see. Also when the update becomes available, I am sure more will joins us and we should start seeing more hacks and roms.

    As for speed, I have been using Android since it came out and running many ported verisons on my kaiser (AT&T Tilt) and so far this is the bast I have used; I can even keep up with my IT manager's Droid. So the speed is fantastic. It is so good my wife had to get a backflip after she played with mine. It is worth every penny I paid and then some
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  4. Rv138

    Rv138 Member

    awesome thanks allot! very excited to get it now indeed!, need to wait till the 18th though, and the wait has been killing me since i found out about it in February

    one more question, will there be firmware upgrades just for the phone, not necessarily the OS as a whole, to improve battery life and other minor things
  5. NaplesBill

    NaplesBill Well-Known Member

    Normally, if you are that close to the upgrade date, they can give it to you ahead of time.

    The firmware updates are somewhat of a mystery. If the 2.1 update is as close as some speculate then I doubt they would provide any updates before then.
  6. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    Yea, from what the Devs understand, we the next update will be to 2.1; and not just system updates. As for battery life, Mine lasts all day when medium use; better than my AT&T tilt with an extended battery was. As for upgrade, my contract was to expire on april 20ish; and I was able to update on the release date. From what I understand as long as you only have 6 months or less left in your contact, you can upgrade for another 2 years. A way to check is to log onto your at&t accounr online, select upgrade device and see if it will let you; bet you it does :D
  7. Rv138

    Rv138 Member

    hahah have to wait till the 18th because thats when i can actually pay my past due bill =pp, cant upgrade if its past due lol. and thats awesome to hear about the battery life update and maybe some others
  8. Rv138

    Rv138 Member

    Just ordered it, was 100% free =DDDD!!!!! due to her being a customer for so long and never getting a free phone when her contract is up
  9. SBR556

    SBR556 Member

    Rv138, How did you get ATT to do that? I've been a customer for 18 years and don't think I've ever taken a free phone. I've always paid for a better phone. A free backflip would sure help as I'm unemployed right now. sbr556
  10. sofla

    sofla New Member

    sbr556 - try amazon wireless, if you are eligible for an upgrade the phone will only cost $0.01 with a 2 year contract. my phone came within a week.
  11. back flippin fool

    back flippin fool New Member

    Try letstalk.com got 2 backflips for free, 1 not due to upgrade according to ATT.com till January. Plus coustomer service is EXCELLENT!
  12. AT&T is selling refurb Backflips for free with free overnight shipping and waiver activation fee.

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