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  1. lespaul678

    lespaul678 New Member

    I just recently upgraded to a Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy s. This one.

    1.) I'm looking for an anti-fingerprint screen cover. Protection is not a priority (although helpful) but I'm more interested in an anti-fingerprint screen cover. My hands sweat like little pornstars :D. Also, I work for Ford so my hands get dirty, I know that their is no product that will completely repel dirt and such, but my sweaty fingerprints get on the phone and the salt in the sweat dries and makes a horrible looking smudge/fingerprint on the screen, I would have to use a cleaner to get rid of them because of the salt in the sweat.

    2.) I ordered an extended battery (The 3500 mAh one) and it comes with a back cover (nice). I am interested in those "squishy" silicone/rubber/ whatever they're made out of cases. I was wondering, since the case is flexible silicone, will it fit over the extended battery? If not, does one exist that caters to my phone with an extended battery (The 3500 mAh one)?

    Thank you for your time. New member, ~Les

  2. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    I don't know about with the battery, but I know that I can't find a silicone gel case for my S2 anywhere. I'm going to watch this thread for any suggestions on this.
    Oh. Can I ask what a battery like that costs?
  3. lespaul678

    lespaul678 New Member

    I got 2 of them for $14 ($7 each) Here. Pretty good deal.
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