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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lyons238, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. lyons238

    lyons238 Well-Known Member

    May 21, 2010
    I know this is a little long, but could someone read it through and answer my questions I have numbered, as well as give me any other insight/tips you think would help me? Thanks

    Ok so I've had my evo since launch day, and I do love it but I have had some issues. First of all since I got it I noticed some very fain horizontal lines in the screen. They're very, very faint and most noticeable when dark colors are showing. I also notice it in pictures sometimes.

    1. Anyone else notice this or think mine might be faulty? Someone told me it was the structure of the screen or something and I have good eyes or attention to detail and everyones has it but idk...

    Second issue, my stock htc charge cable is broken. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I barely ever move it and I know I didn't do anything to break it, but yet Sprint will not give me a new one. They didn't have any stock htc evo chargers so they told me any micro usb will work. So I got a universal philips retractable micro usb cable (it came out before the evo, so evo wasnt on the compatibility list). This cable has never been able to sync my evo with my computer. And now it will also not charge my phone. It used to charge my phone, but randomly it stopped and now it says its charging but the battery percent keeps dropping. After all this now when I can get my battery to charge on and off with my broken htc cable my battery dies in about 8 hrs of medium-light use, where it used to last all of 12-15.

    2. So what should I do about the charger? Will a generic micro usb that says the evo is compatible work or will I be stuck in the same situation as I am with this crappy philips one? Think this one will work?

    3. And what battery do people recommend for a spare? I know the seidio's are supposed to be ok, but I'm looking for 1500-1800 real tested mah, not listed. Any ideas?

    4. What's the warranty for the evo's, I thought it was supposed to be a year but some guy at Sprint told me it was 30 days? I have insurance but don't want to waste the 100 bucks.

    5.My screen lights up on it's own. I'll lock the screen and it will turn black then 10 seconds later I will look and it will be lit up again with no apparent cause. Any ideas?

    Once again, answers to my questions and any other insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


  2. marctronixx


    Oct 12, 2009
    any charger will work. the oem charge cable that came with the evo i have was busted in 2 weeks. i walked into a sprint corp. store and they gave me another one on the spot. i have since purchased 3 but where i am now i am using the one sprint gave me.. its samsung cable... just one they had lying around... it works.

    go into a store, let them know you need another cable.. they will swap you out...

    monoprice has top quality cables for 2 bux... check it out...

    battery? if you want extended get the seidio one hands down...

    i have two Chinese batteries and a wall charger for 9 bux from fleabay. myself and a lot of others have purchased this with no ill effects. i have had these batteries since july and i use them more than the red one that came with the evo. nothing against the red battery but since i keep my phone plugged up all day for the most part i have not had a reason to swap it out...

    30 days for sprint to replace, refund your dough.. after that HTC takes over and fix it. for the latter, you have to ship your phone in. this is standard for virtually any phone, not just the evo....
  3. lyons238

    lyons238 Well-Known Member

    May 21, 2010
    well if any charger will work how come my philips one doesn't? I read somewhere else that some chargers don't have as much mah as others to charge the evos battery, and other people were experiencing my exact problem. im hoping that one on ebay works cuz i just ordered it for 3 bucks shipped.

    and do you think htc would swap out my phone for me? i dont like those lines unless there on all the evos.

    and the sprint store wont swap me out a cable...iv been there twice. their greedy ****s.

    oh and i dont want the huge battery, but is the 1750 mah seidio battery really 1750 mah? i dont see any actual test results from it.

    edit: i added a question to my original post.

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