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A few LG Ally issues.....before I throw it out the window!Support

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  1. It simply amazes me that the billion dollar industry of cellular has to suck so bad

    I bought a smartphone (LG Ally) for one main reason, I have a cabin where I retreat to and don't have internet by design......however......in order to be there I need to see and reply to important emails........it is so painful it isn't worth it......maybe someone can help.

    I have my business (Time Warner POP 3) email set up on my phone and although I don't have a good signal I do get emails, that's where the good ends! The phone will ultimately download every business email I ever get and then I HAVE TO DELETE THEM ONE AT A TIME AND THEN DELETE THEM ONE AT A TIME FROM THE TRASH......I JUST GOT DONE DELETING 450 EMAILS AND THEN DELETING THEM AGAIN. How can there not be a way to "delete all"?

    Due to the "searching for Service" nature of the signal at my cabin my phone battery dies in a few hours (it normally lasts 3-4 days). Why can't someone develop an app killer which I can program to kill a list of apps the instant they come up?

    SD CARD:
    I can't see what is on my SD Card unless I pull it out and plug it in to another device

  2. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    EMAIL: Download K9 mail from the market. This is a much better email app than the stock email.

    App killer: DON"T USE THEM. They kill batter life worse than any app around. Some apps will restart themselves even if the app killer stops it. Your phone will be in a constant battle with this.

    SD Card: download ES File Explorer or Astro File Manager from the market. These apps will allow you to view the contents of your SD card.
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  3. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    ^^^ what Valorian said...


    email.. why dont you use the computer at work or home (when available) and delete these things there?

    App Killer... you are stuck. you are thinking windows issues with apps in background. Android is DIFFERENT. you do not have to worry about RAM and freeing up space. things in the background are not active, unless there is a task to be performed (which you approved). do not worry about background apps, unless you know there really is an issue with that app.

    there are a lot of "file Manager" apps in the market that lets you read your SD card.

    ... if you do decide to throw it out...
    use a hammer to crush it.. may help you to release some stress!
  4. db2u

    db2u Well-Known Member

    Well, these are all going to be issues with every android phone.

    Yes I am sure you are aware that POP3 has to download every message, I agree check out K9 or possibly Touchdown (paid app). Using the built in mail app is kind of akin to using outlook express, works but very limited functionality.

    As others said killing apps wont get you much battery life. The issue of searching for service is going to drain your battery quick regardless of phone model, maybe look at an extended battery for the ally. If it doesnt help enough and you are not able to use an AC outlet there are solar power panels that outdoors retailers sell that may help with this.

    SD CARD:
    OI file manager is also good. there are several free choices to try out. not sure why there isnt one built into android.
  5. myfishbear

    myfishbear Well-Known Member

    your running out of memory... delete any app that is running that you dont use. some examples are the apps vzw installed off the bat. also use adw launcher and force your launcher and msg apps to "lock in memory" use ti backup to clear out any unwanted apps. you will have to root to do this. clearing out apps allows you to not use an app killer. this is a linux/unix enviro so app killers are not needed. bty i use yahoo mail client cuz i got yahoo mail. it works well, and my gf uses the stock app with aol and has no problem.
  6. db2u

    db2u Well-Known Member

    Where do you see that he is running out of memory? The guy seems pretty new to the scene, doesnt sound like he wants to mess with rooting, and yahoo mail and aol are completely different than using IMAP.

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